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    Letter from Superintendent Wayne M. Joseph
    Dear Community Member,
    As the Chino Valley Unified School District plans for the future of our schools, we need your input! Please spend just a couple minutes to complete our Community Feedback Form and let us know your priorities for local schools.
    We are proud of our award-winning schools and teachers, which have been recognized at the County and State levels, and we are working to maintain this high level of academic excellence. But most of our schools were built decades ago and need basic health and safety improvements.
    We are engaging residents, parents, teachers and staff in a Community Conversation on your perspectives regarding local school needs. The most important input into this process comes from YOU! Please help us by clicking the link to complete our Community Feedback Form today.
    If you would like more information, please see some “Questions and Answers” below.
    Wayne M. Joseph
    Superintendent of Schools
    Maintaining Excellence in Chino Valley Schools
    Q: What is the situation?
    A: We are proud of our award-winning schools which significantly outperform the County and state average. Our teachers have been recognized as educators of the year on the County and the state levels. But most of our schools were literally built decades ago, with some built in the 1950s, and need basic health and safety improvements. Improving our aging schools, technology, and classrooms will help us to maintain the high level of academic excellence our schools provide
    Q: What about preparing local students for jobs and careers?
    A: Many students take part in our career education programs that train them for jobs in health care, computer science, and law enforcement. But these programs need to be upgraded and expanded with classrooms and equipment for quality job training opportunities. Acquiring real-world skills allows students who do not go to college to compete for good jobs when they graduate.
    Q: What school repair needs are there?
    A: Our decades-old schools require basic improvements. Many have had past problems with lead found in the water of school drinking fountains and faucets. We need to replace rusty, corroded pipes and old plumbing to continue to ensure safe, clean drinking water for students. Other health and safety improvement needs include removing asbestos, lead paint and other hazardous substances, updating fire safety, repairing deteriorating classrooms and fixing leaky roofs.
    Q: What priorities for our schools has the community identified to date?
    A: Residents believe strong communities and strong schools go hand-in-hand, with improvements to neighborhood schools strengthening local property values. Top priorities for our schools that we’ve heard so far include:
    • Retaining and attracting quality teachers
    • Ensuring safe drinking water
    • Removing lead from drinking fountains and faucets
    • Repairing leaky roofs
    • Removing asbestos and lead paint
    • Replacing deteriorating, rusty pipes
    • Provide competitive, 21st century learning
    Q: How can I join the dialogue?
    A: We want to hear from you! Let us know your priorities for Chino Valley schools by completing our Community Feedback Form.