• Chino Valley Unified School District
    Strategic Plan

    Our Vision

    United together, the Chino Valley Unified School District staff, parents/guardians, community, and Governing Board work to provide an educational environment whereby:

    Our students possess the personal and academic skills to be successful, responsible and productive. They are motivated, self-confident, and life-long learners. They exhibit integrity and contribute to the well-being of their communities. They successfully solve problems using their intellectual capacity and appropriate technology tools. They respect the ideas of other people, while holding true to their own convictions. Students recognize that academic achievement is essential to competing in the global economic setting. They face the future knowing that their goals are within their reach, by continuing their education and through their individual commitment and hard work.

    Our Mission

    The Chino Valley Unified School District provides all students a rigorous and relevant education in a safe learning environment.

    Our Core Values

    All students can learn.

    High academic expectations can be met through excellent teaching and active learning.

    Each student has unique strengths that are recognized and nurtured.

    Each student has unique needs that are recognized and addressed.

    Building character is as important as building minds.

    Parents/guardians are our partners in the educational process.

    Collaboration, cooperation and respectfulness are essential in the learning environment.

    Community partners are essential to enriching the lives of students.

    We provide excellent service to all students.

    Positive school climate supports student learning.

    Our Goals

    1. All students are provided a high-quality teaching and learning environment.
    2. Students, parents, families, and staff are connected and engaged to their school to ensure student success. 

    3. All students are prepared for college and career beyond graduation.