• Dear Parents,

    Upon the completion and opening of the Homecoming apartment complex and Heirloom/Harvest at the Preserve homes located within the Cal Aero Preserve Academy school boundary, the Chino Valley Unified School District opted to provide temporary school bus transportation services from these complexes to the school. When this service began, it was a temporary service until the surrounding residential developments and City of Chino completed construction of pedestrian sidewalks and crosswalks between the complexes to ensure a safe walking route to and from the school. As of February 2, 2021, the improvements listed above have been completed and there are now safe pedestrian sidewalks and routes to the school.

    Beginning with 2021/2022 school year (July 6, 2021), school bus transportation services will no longer be provided from these complexes to the school.

    Per Board Policy 3541(a) Transportation Routes and Services, “Students shall be eligible for transportation service to and from school if the distance between their residence and the school is beyond the minimum distances listed below”…

    Kindergarten     1½ miles from school
    Grades 1-6           2 miles from school
    Grades 7-8           3 miles from school
    Grades 9-12        4 miles from school

    School bus transportation services will still be provided from these areas to Chino Hills High School as the school is beyond the minimum distance listed above.


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