• October 2, 2018

    Dear Chino Valley Unified School District Parents, Guardians and Community:

    It has been almost two months since we started the school year and I have had the opportunity to visit many classrooms, speak with teachers and staff, as well as meet with parent and community groups.  The thing that strikes me every time I step onto a campus or into a meeting is the level of dedication that is palpable among everyone present.  I am heartened to know that our team efforts to provide an enriching, caring and safe learning environment for our students is a solid, common ground among all of us—from classified staff and certificated personnel to parents/guardians and community partners.

    Recently, the Board of Education approved a resolution declaring October 8-12 the Week of the School Administrator.  I want to take a moment to acknowledge our school administrators and the role they play in the success of our students.  Being a school administrator is very rewarding but can also be challenging.  It takes leadership that is present and fair, but also one that is inspirational and engaging. Good leaders know that it is their actions, not their position, that matter most.  Great leaders empower their team with confidence and knowledge to be able to accomplish collective goals.  I believe our Chino Valley Unified School District administrators possess these qualities. I commend them for always striving to do the best for our students and am proud to work side by side with them daily.

    In the coming months, as our students’ assignments, projects, activities and commitments increase and intensify, let us remember to support each other--our fellow colleagues, partners and our school administrators—so that we may cohesively be the best educational team to ensure our students’ successes.


    Norm Enfield, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools