French 2

French 2

  • Welcome to French 2

    Dear Students and Parents,

                Welcome to French. My teaching philosophy is that students learn language successfully by engaging in authentic conversations and by applying newly learned vocabulary and concepts.

    In order to achieve this goal, the French classroom is a dynamic environment where students talk, sing and work in co-operative groups. Vocabulary will be taught using a variety of methods to address diverse learning styles. Students will acquire language using visuals, motions, audio-lingual cues and songs. We will speak French in the classroom 90% of the time. Students will “play” games to practice vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Students will sing to review vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Students will identify vocabulary using motions and visuals.

    French will be used in communication in the classroom, to give directions and to ask and answer questions. Students will be successful if they pay attention in class and participate in all activities. Regular attendance is absolutely necessary for your student to be successful. As we are currently Distance Learning, it is vital that students attend their MEET videoconference classes and complete  work. Late work is not going to be accepted. To ensure an academic environment it is important that students observe rules for productive video conferencing. 

    Students need to join the Quizlet app to help them learn vocabulary, students will also acquire language through reading and storytelling. To this end I am recording stories and videos on Flipgrid. The video links will be on Google Classroom. Students will be given a Glossary through Quizlet to be able to quickly reference vocabulary they may need to review or learn. In order to promote social-emotional learning, I am putting together Kahoots games to help students review the new vocabulary and structures. Students will receive an invite to join the Kahoot at a predetermined time (MEET Lesson), this allows students to interact virtually with their peers.

    In the French language classroom it is expected that students treat each other with courtesy. Students will be learning social skills for productive communication with one another. Language is a social exercise and students will interact with each member of the classroom community. Students will address all components of the language in every lesson: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to learning the language, your student will learn about the culture of France and francophone countries to include art, music, dance, theatre, literature, history, as well as local customs and courtesies.

                I encourage parental interest and questions. You can contact me at school at ( 909-591-3902) or via e-mail