English Language Development

  • Please find the standards we will cover at the California Department of Education Site:

    California English Language Development Standards 

    We are going to use a program called iLit which is an online textbook.  You will do most of your work on iLit.  Additionally we will have class discussions using Meet.  Some useful APPS to help you as you learn English are:

    Duolingo for individual practice anytime, at home, in the car, anywhere.

    Quizlet to practice important vocabulary that you need to master.

    Students need to be in class through Google Meet on their assigned day-Attendance will be taken.

    Students need to check into Google Classroom on days that they are not having a Meet and answer the attendance question before 2:30 so they can be marked "present".

    Words of encouragement to Language Learners

    English Language Development is a labor of love for me as I was a language learner myself.  

    You will become fluent in English in no time and make a life for yourself, follow your dreams and contribute to society.  

    I know this, because I am fluent in four languages.  I am multilingual and bi-cultural, and this is a source of strength to me.  

    But I, like you, was the person in the classroom who could not understand much on my first day of school, because the language spoken was not my first language.  

    Are you ready for the adventure?

    Let's get started!