• June 7, 2020

    Dear CVUSD Staff:

    As I reflected and listened these past couple of weeks, I realized that while I will never know firsthand the plight of Black Americans, I can pledge to lead our school district to continue to do better to treat one another as human beings. The tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers was the catalyst that brought to the surface, once again, the effects of ongoing systemic racism and implicit bias in society. One of our School District’s core values is the equal treatment of all students and employees, and we will not tolerate racism of any kind. Any acts of hate and racism by a member of our school community towards another will be reported to authorities, investigated, and met with apt consequences.

    As the collective pain of injustice continues to manifest itself in peaceful protests and demands for equality, our school district will continue to demonstrate tangible empathy and sensitivity towards each other inside our classrooms, on the playgrounds, in our meeting rooms and within our community. This fall, I will direct our student leaders in the Superintendent Student Advisory Council to delve deep into the issues of race and equality for all, and make recommendations for practices and policies districtwide. As the future leaders and agents of change, our students are best positioned to speak to strategies for peace and equality for their generation and those that follow. Along the way, I believe that in all of our actions and our words, the love and mutual respect for one another will serve as a hopeful example to our children, families, friends and neighbors.


    Norm Enfield