• Flyers sharing school and community programs and services can now be viewed online! With Peachjar, receving, viewing, and sharing flyers has never been easier.

    Using digital flyers, parents and guardians can:

    Ensure information actually makes it home!
    With Peachjar, parents and guardians will never have to worry if they missed a flyer stuffed in the bottom of their child's backpack. Approved digital flyers are emailed home as images and posted to each school site's digital flyerboard for easy retrieval. 

    Access flyers anytime, anywhere!
    Busy parents rejoice! Since Peachjar flyers can be viewed using a smartphone, they can view digital flyers while on the go. Use flyer action buttons to sign up, learn more, email, call or donate. Did we mention that digital flyers can easily be shared with family and friends?

    Discover new passions for your child!
    Millions of parents and guardians learn about new programs and services for their child through digital flyers! From music and sports, to tutoring services and post-secondary preparation, digital flyers connect families with even more opportunities offered in school and the community. 

    How does Peachjar work for parents and guardians?

    Step 1: The District and school sites partner with Peachjar
    Done! The CVUSD Communications Department will work with community organizations to approve and distribute digital flyers to CVUSD families, while school site representatives will manage campus related flyers.

    Step 2: Register
    Parents and guardians with an email address on file will automatically be registered to receive digital flyers from the District and their school site. 

    Step 3: Distribute
    District and school-approved flyers are emailed weekly as images and posted on school flyerboard.