• Associated Student Body (ASB)
    California law allows students in California’s public schools to raise money and make decisions about how they will spend this money. Student organizations that are established to raise and spend money on behalf of students are called Associated Student Body organizations, or ASBs. ASBs must be made up of current students. The funds that are raised and spent by student organizations are called associated student body funds or ASB funds. In the minds of public school officials and the general public, ASB funds may be thought of as small proceeds from a few bake sales, dances or car washes a year. However, in many cases ASB funds have become big business for student organizations. An ASB at a large high school or a community college may raise millions of dollars a year.
    (Source: FCMAT ASB Accounting Manual 2012)
    Lupe Dorado, Accountant II, ASB (909) 628-1201, ext. 1274
    Liz Pensick, Director, Business Services  (909) 628-1201, ext. 1215
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