• Measure G Projects 



  • Measure G Projects:

    On January 26, 2017, the Board designated and prioritized projects for the first issuance of bond funds including the modernization of eleven (11) schools (combined with 60% state modernization funds), furniture needs associated with modernization work, technology needs associated with modernization work,  the reconstruction of Chino High School, the construction of Preserve school #2, and science classroom additions/renovations at all junior high schools and Ayala High School.

    Most recent Construction Update Report to Citizens' Oversight Committee 

    Office Relocation/Single Point of Entry project:

    Six elementary school sites will have their administration offices relocated towards the front of the school to create a single point of entry to the school. The elementary schools are Anna Borba ES, Glenmeade ES, Litel ES, Marshall ES, Oak Ridge ES, and Walnut Ave ES. This project is in the planning stages with construction planned to start in summer 2023.  


    Safety and Security projects:

    All school sites within the District will be receiving safety and security upgrades. These upgrades include: keyless access control system, security cameras, security alarm upgrades, and single point of entry modifications.

    • The sixth (and last) phase of the keyless access project is in progress.
      • Phase 1: Ayala HS, Buena Vista HS, Chino Hills HS, and Don Lugo HS have been completed.
        • Chino HS received safety and security upgrades during the rebuild of the new buildings at Chino HS.
      • Phase 2: Junior high school with completed Safety and Security projects: Magnolia JH, Ramona JH, and Woodcrest JH
        • Canyon Hills JH and Townsend JH have the Safety and Security project completed during the current modernization project that finished in September 2021.
      • Phase 3: Briggs K-8, Cal Aero Preserve K-8, Anna Borba, Chaparral ES, Cortez ES, Dickey ES, and Liberty ES Safety and Security upgrades were completed in November 2020.
      • Phase 4: Dickson ES, Glenmeade ES, Marshall ES, Newman ES, and Rhodes ES Safety and Security upgrades were completed in April 2021.
      • Phase 5: Butterfield Ranch ES, Eagle Canyon ES, Hidden Trails ES, Walnut Ave ES, and Wickman ES Safety and Security upgrades were completed in October 2021.
      • Phase 6: Alternative Education Center (AEC), Adult School, and the old El Rancho ES charter school - Safety and Security upgrades will be completed in August 2022.
    • Raptor, the Visitor Management System, has been installed at all school sites. All school visitors and volunteers will be required to scan their driver's license or state-issued I.D. to obtain a visitor pass prior to entering campus.


     Reconstruction of Chino High School:

    The new buildings at Chino High School are ready for use! Students and staff began the 2022-2023 school year in the new buildings! 

    The existing classroom buildings are in the process of being torn down and new athletic fields built in the same location on the south of campus.

    The new athletic fields will be completed and ready for use by the end of April 2023.

    Design and engineering services are in progress with WLC Architects. Balfour-Beatty Construction Inc. has been approved by the School Board as the construction management firm for the Chino High School project.

     Pictures of the new Chino High School buildings:

                        Chino High School - new buildings

     Picture of the Chino HS Groundbreaking Ceremony:  Chino HS Groundbreaking Ceremony


     Alteration/Modernization at eleven (11) schools:

    • Modernization at eleven (11) school sites:
      • Cattle ES, Litel ES, and Oak Ridge ES: Phase 1, 2, and 3: Modernization were completed in early spring 2018.
      • Country Springs ES and Rolling Ridge ES: Modernization were completed in early August 2020.
      • Canyon Hills JH and Townsend JH modernizations were completed in September 2021.
      • Butterfield Ranch ES and Hidden Trails ES: modernizations began in October 2021. 
        • C. W. Driver Inc. has been approved by the School Board as the construction management firm for the alteration (modernization) of the school sites at Cattle ES, Litel ES, Oak Ridge ES, Country Springs ES, Rolling Ridge ES, Canyon Hiulls JH, Townsend JH, Ayala HS Phase 3, Butterfield Ranch ES, and Hidden Trails ES.
      • Ruben S. Ayala High School: Modernization in multiple phases includes HVAC in gym and kitchen (completed), classrooms in all quads, MPR (completed), library (completed in March 2022), gym (construction begins in early January 2023), and Administration Building (in construction phase as of August 2022). Modernization is close to 80% complete in classrooms across the school.
      • Future phases: Construction bid process is in progress for Eagle Canyon ES. Construction will begin in October 2022.


    Renovation of science labs:

    Schools: Briggs K-8, Canyon Hills JHS, Magnolia JHS, Ramona JHS, and Townsend JHS:

    • WLC Architects design and engineering services are complete at Briggs K-8, Magnolia JH, and Ramona JH. Construction is completed at these sites.
    • Arcadis, Inc. has been approved by the School Board as the construction management firm for the science lab project at Briggs K-8 School. Construction was completed in August 2020.
    • ACC Construction is the contractor for Magnolia JHS and Ramona JHS science wing upgrades. Construction has been completed at both schools.
    • Upgrades to science labs at Canyon Hills JHS and Townsend JHS were completed during the modernization of these schools.


    On May 3, 2018, the School Board approved Measure G bond funds for renovations and upgrades to the former El Rancho ES facilities and infrastructure.


    Measure G Capital Facilities Program Update August 16, 2018