• Multilingual Academy Pathways (MAP) 


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  • Chino Valley’s Vision & Mission Statements

    Chino Valley Unified School District Multilingual Academy Pathways vision is to educate students to become academically successful, bilingual, biliterate and culturally diverse.

    The mission of MAP is to implement high quality language programs that emphasize academic achievement and high levels of literacy in various languages.


  • Goals

    • Academic achievement at or above grade level in all content areas. 

    • High levels of proficiency in their primary language and a second language. 

    • Positive self-esteem, cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

  • Benefits of Bilingualism Research


    • Skills and knowledge are transferred across languages.  A strong foundation in the first language helps students learn a second language.
    • English speaking students in immersion programs achieve as well or better than English speaking students in English-only programs on both standardized math and language arts tests.
    • English Learners who receive instruction in their home language achieve much higher levels on both standardized math and language arts tests than ELs in English-only programs.   
    • Better prepared to meet the exciting challenges of our multicultural, multilingual society.
    • Enhanced metalinguistic awareness across both languages.
    • Fully literate in English and a second language.
    • Increased critical thinking skills.
    • Development of cultural awareness and competence.
    • Increase in family involvement.
    • State Seal of Biliteracy earned on High School Diploma.
    • Greater employment opportunities.


    Januray 24, 2023

    The lottery is a one-day event where applications received during the open enrollment period are assigned a random, unbiased lottery number. This number is used to prioritize the rank order in which applications shall be approved.

    Your attendance is welcome, but not mandatory.

    Time: 8:30 a.m.

    Location: PDC II

    4545 Danito Court,

    Chino, CA. 91710


  • Dual Language Immersion Program
    Mandarin and Spanish Class Applications

    Open enrollment for a Lottery spot November 1st 7:30 AM - December 2nd 12:00 AM  


    Anna Borba- DLI Application - SPANISH

    Incoming kindergarten students only







     DLI Applicaion - Mandarin

    Incoming kindergarten and first grade (if seats are available) students only 


  • Dual Language Immersion (DLI) FAQ


    What is a Dual Language Immersion Program?  

    Dual Language Immersion is a program that includes native English speakers and native targeted language speakers in the same classroom and all students learn to think, read, write and communicate naturally in two languages: English/Spanish or English/Mandarin. Participation in a dual language immersion program is a comprehensive educational experience. 

    Why do parents select a Dual Language Immersion Program?  

    Parents select a Dual Language Program to stimulate their child’s cognitive, social, and linguistic development.  It prepares children with advantages to compete for future careers.  Dual Language Education provides children with the skills needed to live and work in a cultural and global economy.  

    Will CVUSD be offering Dual Immersion in the 2023-24 School Year?

    Yes. Two school sites will participate this year. A Mandarin program at Hidden Trails Elementary and a Spanish program at Anna Borba Elementary. Both sites will offer a Kindergarten AM and PM class for the 2023-24 school year. The Mandarin program will be in it's second year of implementation, and will continue to support the current Kindergarten students as they transition into a first grade class. 

    If my child was not part of the Mandarin Kindergarten class for the 22/23 school year at Hidden Trails, would they be eligible to participate as a first grader in the Mandarin Program for the 23/24 school year?

    At this time, the 23/24 first grade Mandarin class is scheduled to be full with the students who will be transitioning from the 22/23 Mandarin Kindergarten class. However, if seats become available and the child is selected through the random lottery process, then they will be invited to attend Hidden Trails Mandarin First Grade.

    Will CVUSD offer a Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program?  

    Yes. CVUSD is now offering a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program for the 2023-24 school year for incoming Kindergarten students ONLY. 

    If I would like to have my Kindergartner and or First grader participate in either of these programs, how do I pre-register?

    Please complete a 23/24 Dual Language Immersion Application to express interest.  These forms will be available beginning November 1, 2022.  They can be found at this link: (Not available until November 1). You will need to complete an application for the language of interest.  There will be a separate application for Mandarin and Spanish. 

    When will I know if my child is accepted into this program?

    CVUSD will hold a lottery for Dual Language Immersion Applications that are completed between November 1, 2022, and December 3, 2022 to determine the students who are chosen for the program. The school district will send you a letter if you are accepted or denied placement for this program. 

    When will I know if my child is chosen for this program?  

    The date for the lottery has yet to be determined, but parents and guardians will be notified once information has been confirmed. Attendance is not mandatory for participation.

    Please click here for additional frequently asked questions