• Subsidized Program Enrollment Information
    Families must meet eligibility and need criteria to enroll in a subsidized childcare program.  To enroll, families must meet the following requirements:
    • Child must be enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade (Liberty and Newman)
    • Child must be enrolled in and attending a Chino Valley Unified School District elementary school program
    • Child must be 3-4 years of age (Children's Center)
    • Provide proof of need and proof of income
    • Provide proof of residency
    • Provide photo identification
    • Provide copies of birth certificates for every child in the home, under the age of 18
    • Provide legal notice of Separation or Divorce and Court Order stipulating child support, if applicable
    • Provide current immunization records and physical exam (Children's Center)

    Please reference the Child Development Program Parent Handbook, pages 21-22 for full disclosure of required documents needed to establish need and eligibility requirements.