• The best way to reach me is via email at claudia_valleroy@chino.k12.ca.us
    • If email is unavailable to the student, I can be reached through the Remind app. Download the app and the Join Code will be given in Google Classroom for each class to join. Please note that I will respond as soon as possible within the hours of 7:45am-3:00pm Monday through Friday. 


    • Our current struggles will challenge teaching a learning as we know it.  By working together, being kind to each other, and being flexible, we can make 2021-2022 a fruitful year of learning and growth.  I am committed to helping all students achieve their best work and become stewards of positivity in our community. As a supportive class team, we can make 2021-2022 a year of diligence and success! 
    • You can expect the following professional commitments from me: 

             -Clear expectations and a fair and safe learning environment.

             -Relevant content through daily assignments and assessments including thoughtful discussions.

    • This will be my 17th year as a teacher. I have taught 5 years in High school, 8 years in Junior high school, and 4 years in Elementary school. I hold a Bachelor's Degree from Chapman University and Credentials in History, Special Education, and Multiple Subjects.  I love teaching and I believe each day is a new opportunity for growth and success!


    • Follow Learning Expectations as outlined on this page.
    • Students are expected to put forth strong effort during all lessons and in their classwork.
    • Learning will only be meaningful with your best effort each and everyday!
    • Stay on task and meet deadlines for full credit.
    • Seek help when needed.
    • Display honesty and integrity in all your actions.


    • Lessons will be taught live on campus and assignments will also be posted in Google Classroom weekly. 
    • Students out for extended absences should refer to Google CalssRoom daily and contact the teacehr upon their return to campus. 
    • Additional apps or links may be given at times to suppplement the learning experience.


    • Assessments will be given each week in a variety of formats including quizzes, short-answer/ essay questions, projects, tickets out the door and other formats.
    • Some Assessments will not be posted in Google Classroom.
    • Summative Assessments will take place at the end of each chapter. Approximately every two to three weeks. 


    • Students will receive feedback on assignments submitted through Google Classroom via private comments received in an email or as a side note within the assignment.
    •  Students and parents/guardians will have access to grades which will be updated routinely throughout the term via Aeries Gradebook.
    • Grades will also be emailed through Aeries Gradebook after Summative Assessments and Projects.
    • Turnaround time on feedback will depend upon the length and complexity of the assignment- ranging from several days for daily shorter assignments, to a week or two for Summative Assessments, Projects, or Essays.
    • Work submitted will have feedback provided by the teacher as needed.
    • Students may always inquire regarding their grades via email or in person at school.


    • Students and parents/guardians may log into Aeries to view current grades at any time. 
    • The Aeries Grades app may also be useful for quick reference of grades.
    • Grades will be updated in Aeries approximately weekly. 
    • Students are encouraged to monitor and manage their grades weekly, and alert the teacher if any questions or errors arise.





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