Shine Bright


    The Leadership class at Townsend Junior High School consists of 68 7th and 8th graders who are dedicated to making their school the best it can possibly be.  These hard-working students are responsible for dress-up Spirit Days and lunchtime games, extracurricular activities on campus such as afterschool dances, kindness and anti-bullying campaigns, the recycling program, and all rallies and assemblies.  If that's not enough to keep them busy, they also complete 30+ hours of community service in the community during the school year and often inspire other students to work alongside them.  Our Leadership classes also serve as our Associated Student Body government, overseeing students funds and expenditures for the school year.  To help keep it all balanced, the 2018 - 19 Leadership students started the be YOU Initiative to change the world by empowering Townsend students to always be their best selves possible.

    be YOU

    The Leadership teachers are Mr. Murillo and Mrs. Noblett

    Check out our Leadership Class Notebook Here

    Thank you for supporting the Leadership classes and our entire school!


    Supplies we are ALWAYS in need of: 


    Hand Sanitizer

    Paper Towels

    Clorox Wipes


    Paint Brushes

    Tempura Paint

    Sidewalk Chalk

    Aerosol Hairspray

    Tape--painters, duct, and masking

    adult scissors


    colored printer paper

    white printer paper


    Turn on the Light