• Dear Parents:

    We are excited to present to your student an opportunity to participate in our GATE Science Academy.  The purpose of the GATE Science Academy is to challenge our GATE students with a science-based, “hands on” curriculum that will enable them to perform inquiry based experiments, explore ask questions and to develop responses based on reasoning. 

    The GATE Science Academy will be offered at no charge to our GATE students one time a month beginning in November.  We will offer 4 sessions to accommodate our large GATE group with two sessions on Tuesday, November 17th (session 1: 2:00-3:00 p.m. and session 2: 3:30-4:30 p.m.) and two sessions on Thursday, November 19th

    The GATE Science Academy will be offered in a virtual setting.    Our instructor will be Mrs. Terrie Beck, a credentialed science teacher extraordinaire.  Mrs. Beck will bring rigor to challenge our students, creativity to every session, and her knowledge of the Science Standards to support our students. 

    I hope that you will consider having your student participate in our GATE Science Academy.  If your student is enrolled in the GATE program and is interested in participating, please click here to reserve your spot by October 26th.  We will be ordering the materials for our GATE Science Academy as soon as possible.  We are optimistic that we will have 100% participation of our GATE students in the GATE Science Academy!


    Robert Nelson, Principal

    Julie Fromdahl, Assistant Principal

    Justin Lopez, Assistant Principal


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