• Outside Food & Drink Policy

    Students are NOT allowed to order outside food for delivery to Townsend Junior High School. 

    If a parent decides to drop off outside food in the office for their student, it must not be shared with other students. We have many students with multiple health conditions and outside food or fast food can have serious ramifications on other students’ health. 

    Parents/Guardians are the only ones who can drop off food and may only bring food for their student, not any of their friends.

    Fast Food that is delivered by a parent or guardian must be eaten in the school office. Fast Food causes a disruption and an overwhelming pressure to share with friends, which can lead to jealousy and quarrels.

    Reusable water bottles are highly encouraged.  Students are only allowed to drink water during class and passing periods.  Purchased morning beverages (such as coffee, tea, latte, expresso, etc.) that are not in an enclosed container with a sealed lid must be finished at the lunch tables before going to class.  Other beverages (such as gatorade, fruit juice, milk, etc.) that students bring to school must also be consumed at the lunch tables.