• Townsend Makes a Difference by Spreading Hope

    “Everyone can spread hope and make the world a better place!”

    At Townsend Junior High School, we believe that ALL students can have an impact on their school, in their community, and ultimately their world.  We believe that all students can complete 5 hours of service.          

    Ideas for Making a Difference & Spreading Hope with Family while Social Distancing

    • Read a book out loud to a younger sibling in person or to a cousin or acquaintance through FaceTime
    • Write or draw a loving note / email to someone
    • Teach something you know about to someone else
    • Email your teacher(s) and express gratitude and support for them
    • Post positive messages an pictures on social media
    • Clean up trash when you go for a walk in your neighborhood
    • Paint rocks with positive messages and place them around your neighborhood
    • Put a teddy bear or stuffed animal in your window for kids on a “bear hunt” to find
    • Decorate your window, front door, or garage door with hearts, rainbows, and positive messages
    • Chalk the sidewalk or driveway in front of your house with positive messages
    • Write notes on sticky notes and leave on your neighbors’ mailboxes
    • Clean out your closets and recycle items at a local Thrift Store
    • Collect old blankets and towels and donate items such as toys, food, and medicine to a pet rescue
    • Make hygiene packs for homeless shelters
    • Donate a meal or care packages for local healthcare workers, store clerks, or first responders
    • Make blankets and collect stuffed animals for foster children
    • Join Operation Gratitude’s Virtual Volunteerism to support members of the military overseas
    • Surprise delivery drivers / postal workers with a gratitude gift by your front door / mailbox
    • Donate nonperishable food items to a local food bank
    • Send crafts, letters or cards to Senior Homes, Memory Care or Hospice facilities
    • Sign Up for the Kids for Peace Loving Letters for Grandfriends Program to be matched as a pen pal for a Senior Citizen
    • Create a “Take What You Need, Leave What You Can Container” for your neighborhood
    • Create a “Little Free Library” in your neighborhood
    • Create a Neighborhood Share Box for Puzzles and Board Games
    • Send a note to elderly neighbors offering your help with things that might be needed
    • Make facemasks for nurses and doctors and other healthcare workers on the front lines


    Service to School Ideas for Junior High Students

    • Ask a custodian or teacher if they need help before or after school
    • Volunteer to clean up the cafeteria tables after school
    • Pick up trash or scrape gum around campus
    • Offer to tutor another student at lunch or before or after school


    Service to Community Ideas for Junior High Students

    • Visit a Local nursing home and read or talk to the elderly
    • Call the library and volunteer to help shelve books or tutor or read to younger children
    • Call local elementary schools and volunteer to help teachers in classrooms
    • Tutor or read to younger students
    • Call pet rescues and offer to walk dogs, clean kennels or foster an animal
    • Collect blankets and towels for a pet rescue
    • Clean up your local neighborhood or park
    • Volunteer with the police department to clean up graffiti
    • Collect canned food, clothing, toiletries or toys in your neighborhood for a homeless shelter
    • Volunteer to babysit for FREE for a neighborhood family
    • Make blankets and collect stuffed animals for foster children
    • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank
    • Make care packages for military
    • Check with your religious organization for opportunities


    Service to World Ideas for Junior High Students

    • Sponsor a beach clean-up day with your family and friends
    • Participate in planting trees where needed
    • Choose a global charity and raise funds for it
    • Help raise funds for families living in poverty
    • Organize recycling / repurposing in your neighborhood
    • Organize fundraising to help sponsor a well to provide clean drinking water overseas


  • To receive recognition for service hours, a student must do the following: 

    - Record the event on his / her Service Learning Record (one copy is provided for every student once per trimester--extras may be ddownloaded here or extra copies are available in the office)

    - Include the date completed, a description of the service; indicate service to school, community or world; include time spent in hourly increments (partial hours should not be included)

    - Calculate total hours completed in service to school, community and world

    - Provide signature and contact information for adult supervising the service completed

    - Provide Parent and student signatures before submitting the service for credit

    - Turn the Service Learning Record in to the office by the designated date announced for each grading period