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A little extra time preparing now will save you a lot of time later! 


  1. Review Information Regularly
    Research shows that the sooner you review new information, the better you are able to retain and retrieve that information (within 24 hours is key!)
  2. Be Active
    Don't just "look it over", do something with it!  Practice an online game, create a graphic organizer, rewrite the notes into outline form, create flashcards, write questions about the notes, highlight, summarize, define new vocabulary, play any game using the information to substitute
    for game cards, quiz a friend, etc.
  3. Share ideas and strategies that work for you!
    *is there a website you use to review? IXL
    *are there graphic organizers that work best for you?
    *do you have a special way you organize your information?
  4. Be organized!
    How can you review it if you can't find it?  Set up a homework area at home.  Keep all the necessary supplies there (pencils, papers, stapler, etc.)
    Take time to organize your notebook regularly, by gluing in notes and handouts from that day in class.  Keep only information for that subject in the appropriate notebook. 
    Put homework and materials back into your binders and backpacks as soon as you're done so they don't get forgotten!
  5. Follow a routine.
    Do your homework in the same place and at the same time daily.  This will help avoid procrastinationand help you to get everythingdone. 
  6. Manage your time.
    Use your agenda to prioritize assignments.  Start with the most difficult assignments first and save the easy ones for last, when you're more tired and it's harder to focus.
    Don't spend too much time on one subject....set goals for how much time you will spend on each subject so you have enough time for everything.
  7. Schedule breaks!
    It's difficult to sit for long periods of time and stay focused.  Get to know yourself and how long you can work for. 
    Schedule short breaks (5-10 minutes) to refresh yourself and refuel with some water or a small snack.

Make the most of your will be rewarded in the end.