• How To Reserve Your Copy of the 2020 - 21 Yearbook


     Yearbook Sales


    Yearbooks may only be purchased online through April 10, 2021.

    Click here to order from the Yearbook Order Center

    Enter Order #12929 or search for Robert O. Townsend Junior High School


    Want to Change the Way Your Name Appears in the Yearbook?

     Student names will appear in the yearbook as they appear in their school registry.  The date to change the way your name appears in the yearbook has passed. 


    8th Grade Parent Recognition Ads & Baby Picture Page:  

    All space for 8th Grade Parent Recognition Ads and baby pictures has been used, and they are no longer available for submission. 

    To ensure coverage in the yearbook, please consider encouraging your student to submit photos for the yearbook through the many surveys available here.     


    Yearbook Distribution

    Pre-ordered Yearbooks will be distributed after delivery in the Spring. 

    Any remaining books will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 



    E-mail the Yearbook Adviser at