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    Mrs. Conetta-Lee
     English Language Arts
    ELA 7H
    ELD - Emerging
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    Welcome Back!

     Miss you all and hope you are doing well.  

    Welcome to Mrs. Conetta-Lee’s Distance Learning Classroom.

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    Aug 10     Welcome to the first day!

    Remind, Google Classroom, Digital Etiquette and Expectations

    Aug 11     Office 365, Flip Grid

    Aug 12     Google ClassroomCreate MLA Word Document and submit

    Aug 13    Kami - annotating

    Aug 14    Wrap up


    Daily Work Space - Create a place in your home where you will have the least distractions while you are in class. Have textbooks, white-lined paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, and highlighters available in this space so you do not have to look for anything during class.

    Recommended Supplies - The following items are recommended for your child: spiral notebook for note taking, white-lined paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, highlighter in different colors. Also, I recommend that your child keeps a 3 ring binder withdividers to stay organized betwe e classes. This is a great way to keep organized until we transition back to Blend Learning at school. 

    Browse - Click on the link below to browse the different program tiles we will use in ClassLink. Familiarize yourself with the Office 365 tile (your school email is here), the Google Classroom tile (snoop around in our class), and the myHMH tile (you will find your textbook here). There is a "How To" section in your Google Classroom for instructions and "How To" videos for your assignments.  

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    District email - You will use your district email this year. It will be your username followed by @stu.chino.k12.ca.us



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    Standard Weekly Announcement:

    Focus on these "I Can" statements below when you are reading and writing.



    I can acquire and use accumulated word knowledge when considering words and phrases usage. 

    I can evaluate words for accurate usage and impact.



    Which evidence from the statement best supports….What conclusion can be drawn from the evidence?


    I can identify implicit and explicit clues in literary text.

    I can identify textual evidence that will support a claim or stance.

    I can support a claim with relevant, explicit examples or evidence.

    I can support a claim with relevant, implicit examples or evidence. 





    Updated syllabus Click Here for Distance Learning Syllabus 2020