• Townsend Traffic Maps for Pick Up & Drop Off
    Campus gates will open at 8:30 and breakfast will be available at that time.  When dropping off students in the morning, we encourage all drivers to arrive before 8:45 to avoid the traffic congestion.  When picking students up after school, experienced drivers have learned to arrive 10-12 minutes after dismissal to avoid the traffic congestion.  With limited parking spaces in our parking lot, and since drivers cannot stop and wait in the driving lanes, there is no benefit to arriving before dismissal if you plan to enter the parking lot. Since there are 2 exits for students to leave campus, we encourage families to make arrangements to use both exits to reduce the traffic congestion in the parking lot.
    Please view the entire handout below for more detailed information.  Your cooperation in ensuring the safety of all our students is greatly appreciated.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.