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    May 27: (1) "Belinda and the Beast" (2) " The Monkey's Paw" (3)"Rumplestiltskin" (4) "Don Pasquale" (5) "Little Red Riding Hood- the real story" (6)

    May 26:(1) "Adventures of Robin Hood" part 2 (2) "The dventure of the Speckled Band" (3) "Belinda and the Beast"(4) "The Monkey's Paw"


    May 25: (1) "Adventures of Robin Hood" to p 60 col 1. (2) "The Importance of Being Earnest" part 2 (3) "The Trouble With Tribbles" part 2 (4)"The Emperor's New Clothes" (5) "The adventure of the Norwood Builder" (6) The Emperor's New Clothes"


    May 24: (1) "The Adventure of Six Napoleons" (2)"The Importance of Being Earnest" p 56 proposal (3) "The Trouble With Tribbles"p.8 Scene 6. 

    May 21: (1) "Cyano de Bergerac" part 2 ; "9 1 1" (2)"Puppy Love"; "Awards Graduation" (3) "Mikado" (4) "The Town That Couldn't Wake Up" part 2; "Belling the Cat" (5) "Romeo and Juliet" part 2 

    May 20: (1) "Cyrano deBergerac" (2) Earthquake Drill (3)"Case of the Glass Slippers" (4)" The Town that Couldn't Wake Up" up to Scene 3 p30 (5) "Romeo & Juliet"(p65 col 1 bottom nar)

    May 19: (1)"Legend of Sleepy Hollow"  (2) "Macbeth" (3) "A Tale of Two Cities" (4) "9  1  1" (5) "The Baltimore Plot" (6) "The Town That Couldn't Wake Up"

    May 18: Hard bound text book: "from 'Uprising'" "Yetta" p28 and "Jane" p291 Analyze Point of View p 303 Compare and Contrast: Genres p303; Analyze Text p304 1,2.

    May17: "Poems About Nature": CLOSE READER p.55-60 (1) "A Dog's Best Friend" (2) " A Touch of Magic" (3)"The School for Wives"(4)" Stone Soup" (5) "The Importance of Being Earnest" part 2 (6) "Hamlet" part 2

    May 14: "Women in Aviation" Hard Text p43-48 (1)"Million Dollar Recipe" (2) "Hamlet" part 2 (3) "Romeo & Juliet at the Williamsburg Theater" (4) "The Purloined Letter"(5) "The Importance of Being Earnest" to p.60 (6) "Hamlet" Part one to p. 74 col 2.

    May 13: "Arachna" : Close Reader p 17-22; (1) "The Test" (2) "Hamlet" (3) "The Test" (4) "Thief" (5) "Heart of a Stranger"  (6) "Heart of a Stranger"

    May 12: "Flight of Icarus" Hard bound text p31-34; "Finding Your Everest" Close Reader p13-16 ;;(1) "An Enemy of the People"; (2) "Rumplestiltskin" (3) "Stone Soup"; (4) " Freedom Riders" ; (5) "Pirates of Penzance" (6) Receive Yearbook

     May 11: Theater Study: PLAYS (1)"Thief" (2)"Million Dollar Recipe"            (3)"Huck Finn" (4)"The Roll Out"(5) "The Bald Soprano" (6) "The Bald Soprano"

    May 10 "Rogue Wave" (Hard text p 3-14) (Per 4: Close Reader: Finding your Everest: Close Reader p13-16)

    May 7 Hard bound Text: p307-315  " Craig Kielberger Reflects working Toward Peace"  (In your journal or on a piece of paper WRITE: Collaboration Quesion on p 312;   and answer " What is your Gift?")

    May 6 Close reader: p107-112  "Difference Maker: John Bergman and Popcorn Park"

    May 5- Hard text: "Earth (A Gift Shop)" p249-254

    May 4- Hard Text: Always Wanting More" p 233-239 WRITE "Collaboration Question on p 236 in Google Classroom.

    May 3- Plays: Per 1: "Not Worth A Continental" ; Per2: "Night On Bear Mountain" Per. 3: " Pinocchio"; Per.4 : "Puppy Love" Per. 5 : "A Year of Poems & "Ms. Riding Hood" Per. 6: " Old Mc Donald" & "New Shoes" NO MAKE-UP NEEDED FOR ABSENT STUDENTS ON MAY 3.


    April 30 "He-y, Come On Out" Close reader  p 87-92

    April 29  "Labels and Illusions" Close reader p83-86

    April 28 CLOSE READER: "Teenagers and New Technology" everything on p.77-82

    April26-Close reader: from "Polar Dream" p.45-50 do all the underlining, circling, vocabulary (in the margin), and questions IN YOUR BOOK.

    April 27- Write : "A Nature Experience" (1 paragraph: Write about your own personal experience in nature.  Submit in Google classroom.)

    April 23- Read "The Hidden Southwest: The Arch Hunters" in your Close reader p51-54: Do all the underlining, circling, vocabulary (in the margin), and questions IN YOUR BOOK.

    April 22-Read "Big Rocks Balancing Acts" P157-164 from our text or on-line reader. Discuss Collaboration Question on p.164.


    April20-23 "Sorry Wrong Number" Read: p.111-124;125-126 ( WRITE : Performance Task p126: In google classroom)

    April 19- Lexile Tests 

    April 19- Wednesday Wars Critique Due!



    April 12-16

    Wednesday Wars February-May


     April 6- 9

    Wednesday Wars December-January

    March 22-26

    "October" and "November" In Wednesday Wars (Hands on book)

     March 18-March 19
    Finish "September" In Wednesday Wars 
    Begin Wednesday Wars  in "Materials section" in Google Classroom: Tree Map Names, Places, & Conflicts.

    March 15-March17

    Finish The Outsiders  Chap 10-12  Write Critique

    March 8-March 12

    The Outsiders Chap 6-9

    Answer Chap. 6 Ques.

    February 16- March 5

    The Outsiders (in Materials Section)

    Make a list of the characters

    Read chapters 1-5

    Answer Quote 1 and Quote 2 in Classwork


    February 11-12

    Finish OUR TOWN

    Cite the text, explain how you relate to Thorten Wilder's quote

    Other quick writes

    February 9-10

    Essential Standards Test #3 

    February 4-5, 8

    Our Town (Materials section)

    February 1-3 

    Brian's Song film

    January 25-29

    Finish Brian's Song Part One and Two

    Turn in writing on "Brian's Song:themes, evidence, and explanations"

    January 21-22, Brian's Song ( in Materials section in Google classroom ) p.285-295 

    January 19-20, Second Step, Theater Games

    January 14-15, Lexile Test

    January 12-13, IAB Test (Reading Info Text)

    January 11, 2021

    Brian's Song: p282-p285 + Notes on first theme from p 285

    January 6-8 2021

    Book Presentation: Your name, Title of humorous (funny) book, Author, Read a sentence

    "Brian's Song: Act One to last sentence on p.282 (go to "Materials" section under classroom) Read twice.

    December 14-December 17

    Excerpts of "A Christmas Carol"

    1) Satire

    2) George C Scott's 1984 film

    3) Close Reader


    December 7- December 11

    Finish "A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley" (in materials section in google classroom)

    List 4 scenes where Present takes Scrooge to learn 4 lessons.

    Complete Book Presentations on Setting (time and place)

    November 30-December 4

    Read: "Scrooge and Marley:A Christmas Carol" in "Materials" section

    1) Take 3 question quiz on Scene 1

    2) Take 4 question quiz on Scene 2

    3) Ghost of Christmas Past (Essay of 4 scenes Past showed Scrooge)

    Book Presentation: Give setting : Time and Place.

    November 16-20

    "Thanksgiving at Rubino's" (in materials section in Google Classsroom)

    1. Write a one sentence summary.

    2. Write a one sentence theme.


    Close Reader: "Saving the Lost"

    1. Read p 31-34

    2. In your Close Reader do #1-6, & Short Response.  Be sure to annotate and do vocabulary words in the margin.

    3. IMPORTANT: Write the main idea by citing the text with the author's name in Google Classroom.


    Period 3:

    1. Read "Mother of Thanksgiving"

    2. State a fact that you learned about Thanksgiving from this play.


    November 9-13

    Second Step District Lesson Plan

    Essential Standards Test #2

     November 2-6

    Book Presentation

    "The STORY Machine" Period 1 & 2 & 3 & 4: to p 65; Period 5 & 6 FINISHED. 

    "Cinderella" finished Period 5 & 6

    Theater Games/ Conflict exercises/ Expert game

    After reading "Heartbeat" p25-30 in Close reader, WRITE A DESCRIPTION OF THE CHARACTER "HEARTBEAT" and submit in google classroom to Mrs. O'Donohue for credit.



    Trimester One:

    October 27-30

    "The Story Machine" by Isaac Asimov (per 5 & 6) to p.68

    Journal Writing

    Wiseman of Bagdad

    Gratitude Scattergories

    Theater Games

    October 27 : asynchronus "Heartbeat" in close reader

    October 26:

    Lexile test Reading Inventory

    October 18-22:

    Common Formative Assessment: RI.8 I can trace and evaluate an argument

    "Why Exploring the Ocean is Mankind's Next Giant Leap" Collections text p.193-196; ques p. 198 1-6, vocab p 199 1-4.

    from "Living in the Dark" p 201-208. Ques p210 1-6

    October 12-16:

    "Once I Chased a Butterfly" summary and theme

    Close Reader: Pages 67-74 "Stinging Tentacles Offer Hint of Ocean's Decline" Do ALL questions, annotations, and vocabulary.  Be ready to submit any page upon Teacher request in google classroom. In Google Classroom submit: Page 74 Question 9: Reread lines 139-144. Restate what Antonio Lopez says in your own words.

    October 5-9:

    Autobiographical Incident:

    Rough Draft: written in hands on journal

    Revision Draft: written in hands on journal

    Final Draft: submitted in Google Classroom

    Theater Vocabulary Quiz (oral); Improvisations; In Materials in Google Classroom: Captain Potato

    September 28-Oct. 2

    9/28: Second Step Lesson : Roadblocks

    9/29-9/30: IAB State Test: Research: Evaluating Sources

    10/1-10/2: IAB Make up Tests

    10/1-10/2: Read "A Day at the Dickersons". Write summary. 

    September 20-24

    Second Book Presentation

    Journal writing

    Theater Games

    Research State Student ID for ABI tests


    SEPTEMBER 14-18

    WATCH YOUTUBE: "Famous Failures" and "Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things"

    Guess the people, write names of people next to your guess, when they are revealed.  Choose one  to  write a few sentences on "who surprised you the most and why" IN YOUR JOURNAL :

    CLOSE READER P 63-66 "Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost?" by Joan Vernikos:Read, annotate, look up vocabulary words definitions that are in the margin, answer all questions throughout story in complete sentences.  

    September 8-12:

    JFK Speech: "Dedication ofthe Aerospace Medical Health Center"

    Read HARD text p. 185-188

    D0 P. 190 Ques. 1-6 ( complete sentences )

    D0 P 191 Ques. 1-4 

      Aug 31-Sept 4:

     Read first short story in Close Reader, p.3, "Big Things Come in Small Packages."

    Annotate story in hands-on Close Reader according to the directions in the story. p.3-12. Next, answer all questions (p.3-12) in hands on Close Reader. 

    Next , Listen to the on-line version of the story in our tile: (Holt MacDougal On-line My HRW) in Classlink. In google classroom write the answer to "Short Response" p. 12. 

    August 24-28
    Journal Writing
    Theater Games Improv: Who, What, Where
    Conflict Exercises: 3  reasons for each side
    August 17-21
    Listening Skills Test
    "Seventh Grade" short Respone Questions
    "Seventh Grade" Vocabulary sheet


     August 10-14

    Book Presentation
    Navigation Skills


     English Language Arts Grade 7 TEAM:










    • Assignments and assessments must be finished and submitted by the time indicated for any online assignment via Google Classroom
    • Any written essays/text must be in MLA Format.
    • ACE Format is required for Short Response Answers
    • Assessments will be assigned during and/or end of unit lessons.


                  90% - 100%        =            A

                  80% - 89.9%       =            B

                  70% - 79.9%       =            C

                  60% - 69.9%       =            D

                  0% - 59.9%         =            F

    Students will have access to their grades through Aeries.


    • Assignments on time
    • Organized and ready to go
    • Courteous and helpful to classmates and teacher
    • Is thoughtful before speaking and is sure that what is said is relevant to everyone
    • Reliable, dependable

    These grades are equally important.  These grades indicate overall character, effort, organization, cooperation, and perseverance.


    Please encourage your student to complete assignments in a quiet place. Since we are not in class, your home is the classroom. We understand this task may be difficult, however, creating a routine that is similar to the school day will help your student maintain normalcy for the academic day. Manageable chunks that resemble the school day schedule may keep students from feeling overwhelmed.

    Also, please encourage your student to ask questions during school and office hours. We encourage your student to be the one to reach out to the teacher with questions. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner between 7:45 AM – 2:00 PM.