• Welcome to Mrs. Espinosa's Distance Learning Science Classroom

    From now until the end of the school year, check bScience ack here for daily lessons




    I suggest you do the assigments in order to build knowledge and understanding for the next lesson 


    May 18: Discovery: Quiz (food web food chain); Google Classroom: Video and PPT notes

    May 19: Google Classroom: Activity 11 and Energy and Trophic Levels GoFormative

    May 20: Google Classroom: Activity 14 and 15 (discovery)

    May 21: Discovery: Quiz Energy Flow in Ecosytems


    May 11: Catch Up Day! Go to Aries and Make up any work marked TX. You must email me with the name of the assigment so I can go back and check it as soon as you have completed it.

    May 12: Google classroom: Flow of Energy in Ecostytems Linking Literacy (GoFormative)

    May 13: Google Classroom:  Join Google Meet at 10 am today, take Interactions and Relationships in Ecosystems Quiz after                                                      meeting (its posted in Discovery Education), Take Notes in notebook

    May 14- 15: Google Classroom: Food Web Lab


    May 4: Google Classroom-  Activity 16 Introduction to Organism Interaction- Activity 17 How Organisms Interact-

                                            Activity18 Symbiosis in Africa (Discovery)

    May 5: Google Classroom-  Food Chain Energy Flow Song Video and Question

    May 6: Google Classroom-  Energy Flow in Ecosystems (GoFormative)

    May 7:Google Classroom-   Activity 7 Energy Flows through Ecosystems (Discovery)

    May 8: Google Classroom-  Activity 8 Reading/Drawing (Discover)

    April 27: Google Classroom: Ecosystem Brain Pop Video , Questions and Quiz Part 1 and Part 2

    April 28: Google Classroom: Ecological Relationships GoFormative 

    April 29: Google Classroom: Relationships in Ecosystems GoFormative

    April 30: Discovery Education:Virtual Fieldtrip:grab some popcorn or a snack and a notebook pg. 48B

    May 1: View Announcement for Medical Detectives Elective for next year. (scroll all the way down) Email Mrs. Espinosa if interested for a recommendation.


    April 20:  Google Classroom: Interactions in Ecosystems (Activity 1 discovery Q)

    April 21: Google Classroom: Life in Death Valley (Activity 2 discovery Video & Questions)

    April 22:  Google Classroom: What Do You Know about Interactions in Ecosystem? (Activity 3 evaluate)

    April 23: Google Classroom: Parts of an Ecosystem (Activity 4 discovery )

    April 24: Google ClassroomEcosystems are systems within Systems ( Activity 5 discovery Read and answer Questions)



    April13: Go Formative: Making Observations (notebook pg 47A and go formative questions)

    April 14: Discovery Education: Curiosity Abiotic and Biotic Factors Video 

                Go Formative: Curiosity: Biotic and Abiotic Video Questions

    April 15: Discovery Education: Biotic Video Take notes in notebook pg.47B

                                                Abiotic Video Take notes in notebook pgl. 48A 

                  Google Classroom: Go to google classroom first to get the format for the notes before watching videos!

    April 16: Google Classroom: Answer Video Questions from yesterday's videos.(rewatch if needed)

    April 17: Catch up day: Complete missing work that is still open    


    April 6: Google Classroom Look at that Ridge; Discovery Techbook vocabulary animations; Google Classroom 3.1 Vocab

    April 7: Google Classroom Dynamic Earth Ineractive, Student Response Sheet & Test

    April 8: Go Formative Seafloor Spreading Model and Questions

    April 9: Google Classroom: Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Quiz (Opens 9:00 am Closes 2:00 pm)


    March 30: Activity 3-4: GoFormative Looking for Patterns; What Do You Already Know about Earth's Moving Surface?

    March 31: Activity 5 -6: Discovery Continental Drift video; GoFormative Activity 5-6 Alfred's Wegner's Idea Reading & Questions 

    April 1: Activity 8 & 10: Discovery Continental Drift Video; GoFormative Reading Plate Motion and Surface Features + Questions

    April 2: Activity 11 & 12:  Discovery Videos- How do Tectonic plates move?, The seafloor spreading,The East African Rift  & Making Mountains: Highland Formations ;  GoFormative Activity 11 & 12 Video Questions/Digital Collage

    April 3: Activity 15 & 16: GoFormative Observable Evidence & Boundaries and Landforms


    Contact Information: Noriko_Espinosa@chino.k12.ca.us

    Virtual Office Hours: (via email or google meet)

    7th grade Science Mon /Wed 10-11 am


    Distance Learning Expectations:

    • Students will check teacher webpage Daily
    • All Students wil complete all Distance Learning  assignments and turn them in on time
    • Students will follow academic honesty and not engage in plagiarism or cheating
    • Students should take notes in their notebooks to help them with assigments and assessments

    How to Find and Submit Assignments/Assessements 

    We will be using  Discovery Education, Google Classroom, Go Formative and FlipGrid . These are accessible through students'ClassLink

    When will Assignments/Assessments Be Assigned?

    Online work will be assigned Monday-Friday. Assigments will be open until Sunday night of that week.  Assessements (quizzes/ tests) are given periodically and must be taken THAT DAY unless previous arrangements have been made via email or office hours.




    100-90%= A

    89-80 %= B

    79-70%= C

    69-60%= D

    59- below= F