• Congratulations to the below students who were selected for the Leadership class in the 2024 - 25 School Year.

    Please verify last name with the office. 

     If you no longer wish to take Leadership as your elective, please contact Laurie_Chico@Chino.k12.ca.us so that the spot may be given to a student on the waiting list. 

    Jacob A.

    Olivia A.

    Erin A.

    Jason C.

    Angie C.

    Charlotte C.

    Arjan C.

    Mina C.

    Logan C.

    Ogechukwu C.

    Luc-Etienne C.

    Riley D.

    Evangeline D.

    Elyse E.

    Alexa E.

    Declan F.

    Lily G.

    Kingston G.

    Andrew H.

    Rumaisha K.

    Edith L.

    Manty M.

    Keaton M.

    Ayaan M.

    Nicholas N.

    Ava O.

    Naomi    O.

    Jodie P.

    Chloe P.

    Addison R.

    Gianna S.

    Peyton S.

    Isabella S.

    Charlotte W.


    Should a space open up in the Leadership class, 8th grade students are added in the order below.  

    Waiting List 1 - Rylee H.

    Waiting List 2 - Alia B.

    Waiting List 3 - Hope O.

    Waiting List 4 - Frances X.

    Waiting List 5 - Giovanni E.

    Waiting List 6 - Hazel S.