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  • At Townsend Junior High, we believe all students are developing habits and skills beyond the classroom as they grow into healthy, well-balanced young adults.  The Be YOU Initiative strives to implement meaningful strategies to empower students with tools enabling them to be the very best version of themselves physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. 


  • Physically


    Maintain the overall health of your body

    • Make nutritious dietary choices
    • Develop a healthy sleep schedule
    • Participate in regular physical activity and body movement
    • Monitor your “screen time”.
    • Use appropriate stress management techniques
    • Make healthy choices regarding alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.
  • Socially

    be YOUSocially

    Maintain a meaningful network of relationships

    • Balance social, personal and recreational time
    • Develop confidence to be your authentic self in all situations
    • Establish and maintain healthy relationships and social networks in person and online
    • Sustain a supportive, positive network of friends and family
    • Develop interpersonal skills and engage with other people of all ages and situations
    • Communicate and collaborate appropriately with others and work pro-actively and independently when appropriate
    • Embrace diversity by valuing all people and connecting with others in culturally sensitive ways
  • Intellectually

    be YOUIntellectually

    Pursue knowledge, good decisions, and solutions to problems

    • Develop self-awareness and clarify personal values
    • Engage in open-minded approach to consider multiple perspectives of an issue
    • Develop own ideas, viewpoints, and opinions based on objective criteria
    • Engage in meta-cognitive and reflective practices to keep brain stimulated
    • Discover patterns and connections that relate and apply to your life
    • Work to increase skills and knowledge needed to accomplish your goals
  • Emotionally

    be YOUEmotionally

    Maintain a positive self-concept and deal constructively with feelings

    • Feel satisfied with self-identity and content most of the time
    • Feel confident that there are people who care and support you
    • Develop the ability to relax and utilize appropriate stress management techniques and coping skills successfully
    • Recognize achievements and accomplishments
    • Develop ability to be resilient and embrace challenges as an opportunity for growth
    • Develop the ability to identify and share emotions and concerns with others and seek assistance with any mental health concerns
  • Spiritually

    be YOUSpiritually

    Develop a set of beliefs, principles, or values that give meaning or purpose to life

    • Discover and clarify goals and create a plan to accomplish goals
    • Develop the ability to regularly engage in personal, reflective time
    • Identifies and acts in accordance with your sense of right and wrong
    • Act with care and compassion for the welfare of others
    • Celebrate your own culture and background and those that are different from your own.
    • Practice forgiveness and empathy toward yourself and others
    • Develop higher consciousness and awareness of yourself and others

How to be YOUR best SELF