• Mrs. Marissa Murray 

    I am so EXCITED to be here at Townsend Jr. High as your Librarian!  

    When I was growing up, the library was my favorite place! I would ride my bike there, check out the card catalog (totally old school!), find a title that grabbed my attention and sit to read for as long as I could. I am happy to say that my love of reading carried over into adulthood. Being a librarian is my dream job! 

    In the Townsend library, you will find a welcoming environment to work on homework, read quietly, or chat with me about books.  I love to hear about what the students are reading and what titles they would like to see on the shelves. Students are an amazing resource! The library is also home to a computer lab that can be used to print papers, do research, and/or complete homework assignments.  Educational games are allowed as well.  I highly encourage typing games and will challenge students who are ready to race with me! 

    Townsend students are expected to be safe, respectable and responsible everywhere on campus, including the library! 

    Hope to see you soon! 

    Mrs. Murray