Useful Links
  • The following websites are helpful ot students in the event they need a better understanding and explanation of the math topic learned in class. 


    Purple Math 

    These math lessons emphasize the topics and how to go about solving for them. They give helpful techniques, students mistakes (helpful to know what to avoid), and understanding of what questions are asking.


    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy provides videos on all subjects, in math it provides videos on each topic choice. They go into detail their explanations, while providing an abundance of examples. They also provide mini quizzes, which check student understandinf of topic. 


    7th grade


    8th grade


    Math is Fun

    This website explains math topics, while providing examples. This website is helpful for a quick recap of the topic, or even a different perspective of when it comes to topics eing explained.


    Big Ideas

    Digital version of the class textbook can be found here, as well as the place where the majority of the homework will be assinged.