• Q & A

    Q & A For Parents/Guardians and Students

    1. My child has expressed feelings of anxiety and sadness. Am I able to speak to someone at the school site for counseling support? Each school site has an assigned school psychologist and intervention counselor. You may contact your child’s school and ask to speak to either of these staff to discuss your concerns and options for support within the school setting.

    2. Is the information that I share with the school confidential? Is the information my student shares confidential? Yes, information shared is confidential, however; there are limits to confidentiality.  If it is reported that the student is experiencing thoughts of hurting themselves, hurting others or is in a potentially dangerous situation in which someone may hurt them, we have a duty to keep your student safe and report. Also, in order to best support your student, we often recommend a collaborative approach and may ask for parent permission to share appropriate information with other school staff who provide your student with support throughout the day.

    3. Can mental health supports be accessed outside of the school setting and school hours? Options include Care Solace, Chino Human Services, or Behavioral Health. Options can be discussed further with site administrators, counselors, or school site psychologist.

    4. Will any counseling information or history of supports/services be included in student records? History or supports and services are documents; however, details/information discussed during counseling sessions are confidential. Please refer to question 2.

    5. Are formal diagnoses given when mental health supports or services are accessed? This varies based on the type of mental health support/service accessed. Any mental health support staff can provide more information.

    6. How often are supports or services provided to students? The frequency and duration of services is determined on a case-by-case basis and can be re-evaluated as necessary.