Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAC Selection Process

  • The Selection Committee

    The District CAC Selection Committee will consist of district and school site personnel.



    The Administrator or designee at district school sites may identify and recommend candidates for consideration and review by the committee.


    Evaluation of Qualifications

    The District CAC Selection Committee will evaluate each candidate's qualifications and select the representative.


    Board Approval

    Once the candidate(s) are selected by the district CAC Selection Committee the name(s) will be submitted to the BOE for approval. 

CAC Purpose

  • California Education Code (Part 30, Chapter 2, Article 7, 56190) requires each Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) to establish a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for Special Education. The Community Advisory Committee gives parents/guardians a voice in Special Education implementation. This group of parents and professionals gathers to promote high quality special education services and provide support for parents as they address all issues related to their students with exceptional needs. 

West End Special Education Local Plan Area (WESELPA)