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    Below the class agenda is the updated assessments and grading information to reflect distance learning that can also be found in the updated syllabus. (Please click History Syllabus to fully view the updated syllabus to reflect distance learning expectations.)


    May 4 - Read Ch 11 Section 1 (p. 298)  &  EXIT TICKET ACE: 
    1. Why did the location of Genoa and Venice on the seacoast give Italy a commercial advantage over most inland cities?

    2. What were the 4 great trade cities of Italy in the 1300's?

    *Sentence frames are posted in Google Classroom


    May 5 - Brain Pop - Marco Polo & Quiz


    May 6 - NEWSELA- Art of the Renaissance


    May 7 - Brain Pop- Leonardo Da Vinci & Quiz


    May 8 -  Make sure you are all caught up for the week. Enjoy your weekend!