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    From now (March 30th) to April 3rd, please check back for daily lessons. Check back April 6th for updates.

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    8th Grade History: T/Th 11 am - 12 pm


    Below the class agenda is the updated assessments and grading information to reflect distance learning that can also be found in the updated syllabus. (Please click History Syllabus to fully view the updated syllabus to reflect distance learning expectations.)


    May 11 -Brain Pop & Quiz: Slavery


    May 12 - BrainPOP & Quiz: Undergroud Railroad & Frederick Douglas (there are two today)


    May 13 - BrainPOP & Quiz: Women's Suffrage


    May 14 -  BrainPOP & Quiz: Causes of the Civil War 


    May 15 - BrainPOP & Quiz: Civil War & Reconstruction (there are two today)


    May 18 - Reflective Summary: Reflecting on Eighth Grade