• Welcome to Mr. Miller's distance learning classroom.  

    From now until May 1, 2020, please use the extended learning plan.

    Contact information:  Email Craig_miller@chino.k12.ca.us

    Virtual office hours:  Office hours are windows of time where I will be available to correspond via email.  These days are Monday, wednesday, and Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

     classroom syllabus


    Any additional assignments will be found on this page at a later time. We will likely use our Discovery online platform for the remainder of the school year. 

    At this time, but subject to revision, we are planning for 4 assessments and a Final Exam. 

    April 14th: DNA Transcription and Translation

    April 24th: Mendell and Genetic Disorders

    May 8th: Mitosis and Meiosis

    May 22nd: Nutrient Cycles, Weathering, and Deposition

    May 26th-28th: Cumulative Final Exam 


    For sections 4.2 and 4.3, you are responsible for reading, watching videos and completing all questions in the “Engage” and “Explore” sections of your Discovery Tech Book.  so log on to your discovery icon through your class link.  Then click on tech book.  (make sure it is the bio/living earth tech book, not chemistry or physics) 

    The “Explain”, “Elaborate with Stem”, and “Evaluate” tabs provide additional support should you wish to review them. For example, reviews and practice tests can be found under the “Evaluate” tab. 

    You will have access to the 4.2/4.3 test from April 9th-April 14th. You will not have access to the test after that date.  you only get 1 chance to answer each question but you may pause the test and return to it at a later time if you need to review more.


    Grades will be updated through Aeries as we move through the online experience.







  • New discovery content has been added.  By now, you should have logged on to your class link, accessed the discovery icon, completed the 2 units found there, and attempted the exams.  A third unit based on cell division has been added.  Don't attempt the exam until you have thoroughly gone through the assignments found there for unit 5.  check the finished box when you finish, then attempt the exam.  good luck.

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  • Hey guys, I am trying to get google classroom going so I created a page.  There is nothing in it yet but this is a process.  I plan on creating some videos on the subject of "from gene to protein" then having you do a non discovery assignment with it later on.  Here is the class code:  kp2x7gt  

    go to google classroom and log on and first things first..... send me a message!  Lets see how many people we can get to log on.  Remember, I still want you to do the Discovery assignments....Shout out to the 4 people as of now who completed it.  Test coming available on the 9th.  

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  • Hey students of Mr. Miller's bio class.  I keep checking and literally no students are logging on to do the Discovery online work.  If you guys want to improve grades, you need to log onto your class link and go onto your Discovery icon and do the assignments given to you there!  After the 14th of April, a new unit will be announced to work on.  

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