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    Welcome to Mrs. McFarland's English 11CP Summer School 2022 Classroom!

    Session Dates:
    • Session 1: 6/6/22 - 6/21/22
    • Session 2: 6/23/22 - 7/11/22 (No school 7/4/22)
    Attendance Expectations:
    • Students absent six (6) hours or more will be dropped from this course. That is, missing two (2) full class days will result in being dropped. Keep in mind that a student can ONLY be absent 1.5 days, which equals LESS THAN six (6) hours, WITHOUT being dropped. 

    Course Texts:

    • All texts will be provided to students in class on the first day. A digital version of these exact assignments and texts can be found on Google Classroom. Please scroll down to see the 'class code' below to access this course on Google Classroom.

    Have questions? Please feel free to email me anytime (see email address below). 

    Contact Information: andrea_mcfarland@chino.k12.ca.us 
    I am committed to responding to all emails within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

    Google Classroom

    *All students: If you plan to use your phone to complete assignments, download the Google Docs App on your phone.

    We will use Google Classroom for posting and submitting electronic assignments. Each student will receive an access code from the CVUSD via email. Students can access the class by following the appropriate link:

    English 11 CP: Summer School - Session 1

    Class code: licb2q3


    Period 1-English 11CP:

    Class code: N/A
    Period 2-English 9H:
    Class code: N/A
    Period 3-English 11CP:
    Class code: N/A
    Period 5-English 11CP:
    Class code: N/A
    Period 6-English 11CP:
    Class code: N/A

    If you have any difficulties, please email me.


    Accessing and Creating Student Accounts for the Course

    You should access Aeries, Google Classroom, Google Drive, and other school related sites using your CVUSD student account email via ClassLink. Access ClassLink directly on a CVUSD Chromebook device (it should appear upon logging in) or, if you are using a non-CVUSD device, go through the CHS website>Click on the STUDENTS tab>Click on CLASSLINK ACCESS. CHS Home Page

    For sites outside Google Classroom (i.e., - Turnitin.com, etc.) that require you to join or create an account using an email, you are to use only your CVUSD student email for these accounts. If you must delete an already existing account and rejoin, or create a second account using your CVUSD email, please do so.