Beginning Instructions

  • Secondary Classes 

    Welcome to Mr. Staricka's Distance Learning Classroom

    from March 30th until further notice we will be using Google Classroom.


    We will access Google Classroom through your student ClassLink starting March 30th.

    Your username for ClassLink is the same username you use to login to the laptops/computers at school. (The first letter of your first name and your last name, some may have a number)

    example:  jcowboy

    Your password for ClassLink is the same password you use to login to the laptops/computers at school. (Capital first letter of your first name and lower case first letter of your last name and the last five numbers of your student ID)

    example:  Jc54321


     Class code for our Google Classroom:  2noxii3



    1. Sign in to ClassLink

    2. Click on the Google Classroom link

        a. Your Google Classroom is linked to your student email! You must use your student email to connect. That is the email ending in the


    3. Using the + sign, join a class using the above class code

    I will be able to see each of you as you join our class.


    Contact information


    virtual office hours:  Monday - Friday  12pm - 2pm and as needed by appointment (email me!)


    Remote Distance Learning Syllabus

    1. Students are expected to complete posted assignments and hold on to them to turn in, when/if we return for credit. Just like we do for each chapter. ( In the event we do not return, I will find a way to get the work)

    2. Contact me if you have any questions, problems, or concerns, using my above email address.

    3. I will grade your assignements when we return. ( just as I do when at the end of a chapter)

    4. There will be an assessment based on the assignments when we return. The assessment date will be determined when we return. Since each section we would do would take a week, then a day review, then a quiz, I will give that many days of review for each week we are out. So stay up with your work, and ask questions, so when we do return, the review is not foreign to you).

    5. Students in the Math 180 have plenty of time now to get caught up or stay on pace to finish. Text all your friends and let them know!!! The program is self teaching. Remember, I have access to see who is working. So do what you should be doing.