Beginning Instructions


    Welcome to Mr. Staricka's_ Chino High School Fall 2020 Distance Learning Classroom​

    One class is M180 and the other classes are all Math 1 ( per 1,2,3,5,6)

    Updated Syllabus:  Coursework is outlined on each course checklist and assignments are aligned with district standards.

    Books: Integrated Math 1 book

    This is the syllabus we will be guided by.

    Students are expected to be online daily and on time, as lecture starts at the beginning usually. Take notes, ask qustions, practice the tasks at hand, and complete work to a satisfactory standard.

    Students must be self motivated. This is a trying time for everyone. Be patient. Take your time. If you have questions please ask. 

    This is a difficult time for everyone. There needs to be patience. DON'T STRESS Y'ALL!! 

    Grading is a standard ten point scale. A=90%-100%. B=80-89.9%. C=70%-79.9%. D=60%-69.9%. F is 59.9% or below.

    For Math 180 intervention, you will be graded on your progress towards finishing the blocks. Meaning, there are 9 total blocks. Each block has three sections. You will need to be halfway through the program by Dec 15th. That being said, you will need to complete 4 blocks ( 12 sections). 

    Home/class work will account for 30-40% of your grade. The other 60-70% will be from quizzes/Tests. So to get your grade you will divide the total earned points by total possible, and that will be your percent.

    Test/quizzes are expected to be done within the time allotted on the days it is assigned for. Quizzes/Tests are generally on Fridays.

    My office hours will be at 1:35 pm to 2:35 pm Mon - Wed Those can be accessed thru the google classroom  just like for class.

    Students will be able to access all classroom meetings thru the google classroom ( access thru class link on the school site page and your aeries portal !!! ( go to our aeries schedule and go all the way to the right and you can link in from there too

    My classroom information can be found going thru your class link and going to my teacher page.


    Let's have a good semester.

    Advice for the class: work daily at a solid pace, taking class notes, or notes emailed to you is imperative to your success and self help. Take your time on the quizzes and tests when you take them, but they will need to be completed in the time allotted. How motivated are you going to be to do this? We are in interesting times, but as you are all students in the information age and tech age, this will be easier than you think. While I know everyone would love to be in class learning, this is what we have now so let's make the best of it. The pace of the class will probably be slow at first, so everyone can get used to the process, but the speed of the class will pick up speed as we get better at the routine. I know there may be frustration at times, but be patient. 

     Process for a meeting during office hours. Log on thru your aeries google meets just like class. I will be on . If you email me ahead of time, or tell me in class you need to meet, it is easier. 

    If your parents want to meet, they are to email me and set up a time during my office hours ( see above) ahead of the meeting. 

        • Your email will receive a response within 24 hours, Monday through Frida