The Chino High School Library provides a unique environment where students can effectively apply their acquired skills with integrity and respect for others. The library strives to support students to think critically and creatively while gaining an enthusiasm for learning. Our mission is to help students achieve their personal and academic goals and become lifelong learners through engagement, technology, teacher collaboration, and a well maintained and current library collection that empowers students to be effective citizens on campus and in their community. 



    The Chino High School Library will be the premier library model by building a knowledge infrastructure that branches into all aspects of the campus culture and by becoming the center for powerful teaching and learning through rigorous and diverse activities in a community of integrity and respect.  


    Library Hours:  Monday thru Friday

    7am - 4pm

    (Hours may vary during testing, minimum days and scheduled meetings)


    Library Staff

    Kristina Salazar, Secondary Library Assistant

    VACANT , Secondary Library Assistant

    Dorinda Sullivan, District Librarian Chino HS & Chino Hills HS


    Jennifer Reese, District Librarian Ayala HS & Don Lugo HS



    Need help with navigating the online catalog? Check out this Smore presentation!


    Need help with navigating the Gale databases? Check out this Smore presentation!


    Computers: Access to the school’s network is a privilege and is for school work only.  Inappropriate use will result in the loss of privileges, and possible disciplinary action.  If students lose their privileges, students and their parents must apply in writing to Administration, who will decide when and if privileges will be reinstated.  


    A few things to remember:

    • A valid ID card is always required to check out text and library books.
    • All library books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time and can be renewed.
    • Printing is available (black ink only).
    • Students MUST have a pass to be in the library during class time.
    • Eating or drinking is not allowed.
    • Library book late fees are .20c per day, maximum of $5.00.
    • Library books that are lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged the full replacement cost of the book.

    Textbook services are available with your teacher during class time or on your own before school, lunch, and after school.  New students may come anytime and on the same day as registered.

    When you receive your textbook(s), look the book(s) over carefully that day.  If you see any damage that is not noted inside the cover, report it within 3 days. A replacement, or repairs, will be done if necessary. Student will be responsible for damage fees if not reported right away. Write your name on the inside front cover of the book and protect your books from the rain or other damage by covering them.  Replacing a textbook will cost A LOT, so handle them with care!  

    If you leave your textbook in a classroom, or anywhere else, YOU are still responsible for it!  You are also responsible for returning it directly and in person to the library staff.  Always wait to make sure the book turned in is yours and that there are no fines on your account.

    • All textbooks must be covered if carried to school. 
    • Free book covers are available in the library while supplies last. If you need help learning to cover a book, a library staff member will be happy to assist you!
    • If you drop a class, return the textbook immediately. If not, a fine will be added to your record and will prevent your participation in many extra-curricular activities.

    Damage to textbook fees:

    • Repairable damages to textbooks = $20.00 minimum bindery fee ($1.50/sheet after 6th page). This includes:
      • Graffiti
      • Torn or missing pages
      • Cover or spine damage
    • Un-repairable damages to textbooks = full replacement price (Range $67 - $300). This includes;
      • Any significant water damage
      • Mold or mildew
      • Lost book
      • Damaged beyond repair

    Please contact the Library with any further question, 909-627-7351, ext. 3717.


    Students: you now have access to Microsoft Office 365, email, OneDrive, Google Drive, and ClassLink!

    To open Microsoft Office 365:

    • Go to the https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=14739
    • Acknowledge the Acceptable Use Policy on the page by reading and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, 'https://login.microsoftonline.com/'
    • Enter your district computer username email address and password for your email:
      • “username@stu.chino.k12.ca.us” Ask Library or Counseling for your username if needed.
      • Password format is; First Initial of First Name (capital), First Initial of Last Name (lowercase) and last 5 digits of your permanent ID.  Example:  John Cowboy ID#123456789 would be Jc56789
    • Use your email and create documents in Office 365; they are automatically saved to your OneDrive you can access them anywhere!

    Need more help? CLICK HERE 


    To install on your home PC: 

    • Use directions above to get to the website.
    • Click on Install Now or on the Settings Menu (gear icon) in the top right of the window.
    • Choose ‘Office365 settings’
    • Choose ‘Install and manage software’


    To install on your phone or tablet:

    • Go to your Play Store or App Store and Install the Office 365 app.


    To open ClassLink:

    • Go to the https://launchpad.classlink.com/chino
    • Enter your district computer username (not your email) and password:
      • “username” is usually your first inital of your first name and your full last name. Ask Library or Counseling for your username if needed.  Example:  John Cowboy would be jcowboy
      • Password format is; First Initial of First Name (capital), First Initial of Last Name (lowercase) and last 5 digits of your permanent ID.  Example:  John Cowboy ID#123456789 would be Jc56789
    • ClassLink will give you access to all of your online textbooks, school applications, including the Gale database.

    Need more help? CLICK HERE