Link Crew is a program that helps freshmen transition to high school through social, academic, and emotional health activities led by upperclassmen. Please be ready to give your time to help mentor incoming underclassmen and help them to be involved in High School by creating events and activities as a Link Crew Leader.


    Link Crew is composed of upperclassmen (10th, 11th and 12th graders) who are role models for younger students and who have been successful in high school. Link Crew Leaders have strong communication skills, leadership potential, are responsible, dedicated, and enthusiastic. They are interested in helping others succeed.

    • Facilitate small groups
    • Deliver classroom lessons
    • Take responsibility for their own behavior
    • Be positive leaders and role models in all situations.

    In addition to facilitating learning experiences and instructing freshmen in valuable lessons on how to be successful in high school, Link Crew Leaders step up and become a substantial presence on campus by acting as models of positive behavior, which is ultimately a catalyst for climate change at your school. Link Crew is an excellent service learning and character development program; students get to serve their school community on multiple levels as well as reflect, consider and understand the impact of their own behavior.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Are you academically eligible (2.0 GPA)?
    • Do you have satisfactory citizenship grades in all classes?
    • Will you be able to take Link Crew class all year?
    • Are you able to inspire people to perform their best?
    • Can you speak in front of others?
    • Can you work outside your comfort zone and be a leader on campus?

    Link Application - CHINO HIGH SCHOOL

    Please Complete the following Google form by April 6th, 2023 to apply to be a LINK CREW LEADER!


    Please submit a google form (there will be no paper applications) After we receive the applications, you will be sent an email with additional information. Please be sure to check the email you provide on the Google Form regularly so you can find the additional information.

    Should have any questions, please contact Ms. Lowe - katherine_lowe@chino.k12.ca.us