• Welcome to Mr. Smouse’s Distance Learning Classroom 


    Back to School Night:  Please log onto my class periods the same way your student does.  They log onto with their student email and go to their class link for the period in the Google classroom.  

    Period 1, 2, 3, 5, 6  :  Intro Theatre  with your student's  CVUSD email log on to classlink for the period

    Period 4:  Adv. Theatre and Production and Performance  with your student's CVUSD email log on to classlink for the period

    Its very important you log on to the class link through the Chino High website.  Private emails have had problems logging on.



    Welcome back to our new 20-21 school year!  As with all of your classes, school looks different! 

    I am looking forward to working with all of you!  Theatre arts remain theatre arts, this does not change, but HOW we work together for the short term with Distance Learning and hopefully soon, our cohorts in schedules A or B, does change.

    *  I am learning with you!  As you know, I do not teach with a text, and create everything, using the State Standards and course curriculum as my guide.  We will create our theatre program and experiences as we go, with our goal of once again performing for audiences!  

    My teaching platform is the Google class room through CLASS LINK.  Students must sign on with the CVUSD provided student email.  Private emails have connectivity problems.  

    Drama Club and The International Thespian Society are in place.  Club rush is happeninng soon, more information coming up!

    * Drama Club and Thespian Meetings:  We will have meetings on line, I will update you as soon as I can.  

    *Officers:  I am using our drama club constitution as a guide for selecting our new officers.  More information soon.  

    * Drama letters:  Our drama and theatre letters are in place.  I will need to adapt our programs letter requirements, I am working on this

    * Classes:  Daily attendance is Mandatory.  All students must be in contact with me all school days and the times our classes meet.

    Period 4:  This is a combination of 2 theatre courses in the same period.  Advanced Theatre, and Play Production and Performance.  

    Periods 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 are all Introduction to Theatre courses.  

    I am learning about Google classroom every day.  I record all of your assignments and participation using the Aries district grading program.  
      Students click on your class on the left.  


    • Standard announcement message

     Here is a link for future lessons starting in August involving assignments with Shakespeare.  



    • Contact information
      • Email: Frank_Smouse@chino.k12.ca.us   available all school days
      • Other means of communication, working on sharing with Google meet.  I am commited to responding to student and parent emails within twenty-four hours, weekdays.  I am available through phone appointment, regarding assignments, schedules and questions about our theatre program.  Please call the CHS switchboard 909  627 7351 and leave a number so I can return your call.  
    •  office hours 
    • Monday, Wednesday:  1:35-2:20
    • Friday: starting week 2:  1:55-2:20
    • As theatre and learning is based on a shared group experience and to meet course and state standards, adaptations are in progress to the various theatre course syllabus to reflect distance learning. 
    • More information to follow.
    • Grades will continue to be reflected on the CVUSD Aries grade program, when instruction resumes per CVUSD

     commuication with parents will be by phone and email contact.  

    This page is only a start, I am learning about new ways to create an interactive, fun web page.