• 3/17/20 - ALL CLASSES: If you plan on using your phone to complete assignments, then you must download the Google Docs app.

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    Welcome to Ms. Reid's and Mr. Buxton's
    Distance Learning Classroom.
    Starting March 30th, please use the extended learning plan located on Google Classroom. See the posted links under the GOOGLE CLASSROOM LINKS heading below.
    **Note to English 9H and English 11 CP:
    Your assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, but you will SUBMIT assignments to Turnitin.com unless otherwise noted. Enrollment information is under the Turnitin.com section below.
    Please check back here daily for updates.

    Google Classroom Class Codes (if not previously signed up -- if so, see the links below)

    English 11 CP Period 1 - r64m4vo   

    English 11 CP Period 2 - yd23hrr

    Health Period 3 - wfqoxzg

    English 9 HonorsPeriod 4 - hljmk5u

    AP English 11 - Period 5 - p74xuei

    English 11 CP Period 6 - u7dy4gp


    Google Classroom Links
    Turnitin.com Enrollment Information for
    English 9H and English 11 CP:
    1. Go to Turnitin.com
    2. Create and account or enroll in a class, as needed.
    3. Enter the course ID and enrollment key (caps sensitive):
    Period 1 English 11 CP - Class ID: 21837392   Enrollment Key: ReidPeriod1
    Period 2 English 11 CP - Class ID: 218374110    Enrollment Key: ReidPeriod2
    Period 4 English 9H - Class ID: 21837431   Enrollment Key: ReidPeriod4
    Period 6 English 11 CP - Class ID: 21837451    Enrollment Key: ReidPeriod6
    Office Hours
    Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
    (starting Tuesday, March 31)
    Please contact Ms. Reid and Mr. Buxton at: Rhonda_Reid@chino.k12.ca.us

    Ms. Reid’s and Mr. Buxton’s Distance Education Syllabus

    Revised Syllabus Semester 2: March 30 - TBD

    Contact Information:Rhonda_Reid@chino.k12.ca.us

    Courses: English 9H, English 11 CP, AP English 11, Health

    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am to 11:00 am 

    This course serves as an introduction to distance education, as both a delivery mechanism and as an academic field. It is intended to provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with the philosophies, strategies, and techniques involved in teaching outside of a face-to-face environment and the historical, present, and future practices of communication in distance teaching, including the application of available technologies.

    Ultimately, students will be responsible for using the teacher website, Google classroom, Turnitin.com, school email, and other various sites. Students will focus on distance education for the remainder of the time mandated by CVUSD.


    • The assignments will be posted via Google Classroom along with the due dates. Because the course meets online, it is important that students budget their time and are aware of participation and assignment due dates.

    • Students in online courses must take a greater responsibility for the progress of their learning.

    • Grades: Assignment feedback and grades may be posted in Google Classroom or Turnitin.com, but will be added in Aeries to determine semester grades to date.

    • Your final grade will reflect the level of participation you give to the course. 

    • Please contact me early regarding any problems or situations that interfere with completion of your assignments. Response time: I will do my best to answer student emails within 24 hours and to evaluate activities and assignments within 7 days.

    • During office hours, I will answer emails in the order they are received. 

    • Grading will be on a standard point scale with 90-100% A; 80-89% B; 70-79% C; 60-69% D; >59% F





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