Welcome to Ms. Reid's
    Classroom for the 2020-2021 School Year! 
    Contact Information
    Rhonda_Reid@chino.k12.ca us
    I am committed to responding to emails within 24 hours during the school week. 
     Arriving to School for the First Day Your Cohort Attends.
    • Students must show their school ID and current schedule when arriving on campus. Keep your ID and your schedule with you every day.
    • You must wear a mask in class and around campus when not eating during lunch.
    • Please have parents drop you off in the student parking lot. You cannot enter through the main reception area.
    • Juniors enter through room 107 (east side entrance).
    • Freshmen enter through the east side foyer of the gym (facing the parking lot).
    • Follow the red traffic flow arrows.
    • Ms. Reid is in room 57 -- the northwest corner of the campus. 
    In-Class Expectations
    Students are to keep their Chromebooks; do not check them in to the library--Google Classroom is still in use.
    Students are to bring their textbook every day:
    • AP is to bring The Language of Composition
    • English 9 CP/H is to bring myPerspectives, Volume 2.

    Remember to practice our PBIS expectations while in classrooms (and on campus):

    • Be Responsible
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Resilient
    • Be Safe

    You can bring backpacks, but you may not share materials, loan pencils, etc.

    You may bring bottled water to drink, but it should not be prolonged consumption with your mask off; eating is not allowed in classrooms.

    Teachers are to limit the number of handouts passed out and papers collected. For Ms. Reid's class, there may be times you can take pictures of your work and submit (she will specify when this accepable), but there may be times you need to type work at home and then submit to Google Classroom. AP Timed Writes will be necessitate a paper copy of the prompts be passed out to students.

    Asynchronous Attendance Tasks:
    Asynchronous Attendance Tasks (tasks you complete on days NOT attending school) are not scored as part of your grade, but timely completion or non-completion determines your attendance. They are due by 11:59 pm ON your cohort's asynchronous day. Tasks will be posted in Google Classroom and must be completed on the correct asynchronous day; submissions are timed stamped so early or late submissions will result in a recorded absence.
    Asynchronous Expectations for Learning will vary. Activites could be, but are not limited to:
    • Quill online writing and grammar practice and/or viewing a grammar video
    • Reading in preparation for the next day's lesson
    • Writing/revising writing
    • Continued work from the previous day's in class lesson (answering questions about a text, vocabulary practice, etc.)
    • Study/review from the previous day's lesson
    • AP Classroom videos and study of rhetorical terms as AP test prep
    • Work on an upcoming project 


    Google Classroom

    *All students: if you plan to use your phone to complete assignments, download the Google Docs App on your phone.

    We will use Google Classroom for posting and submitting electronic assignments. Each student will receive an access code from the CVUSD via email. Students can access the class by following the appropriate link. If you have any difficulties, email me immediately.

    Always log in to Google Classroom using Classlink. 

    Use Google Chrome and/or Firefox as your search engine; if one does not allow you access, then try the other. 

    Ensure to log off and plug your laptop in overnight for updates to occur. Also, erase your cache and history to help the device run more smoothly.


    Accessing and Creating Student Accounts for the Course

     You should access Aeries, Google Classroom, Google Drive, and other school related sites using your CVUSD student account email and ClassLink. Access ClassLink directly on a CVUSD Chromebook device (it should appear upon logging in) or, if you are using a non-CVUSD device, go through the CHS website>Click on the STUDENTS tab>Click on CLASSLINK ACCESS. CHS Home Page

    For sites outside Google Classroom (i.e., - Turnitin.com, etc.) that require you to join or create an account using an email, you are to use only your CVUSD student email for these accounts. If you must delete an already existing account and rejoin, or create a second account using your CVUSD email, please do so.  



    Community Hotline for Parents and Students: (909) 628-1202, ext. 1080, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday