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    I have been asked to make some changes to our online learning.  As you know this was all done rather fast and after spingbreak we have deceided to make some improvments.  As of now, worksheets are not required. I will post them under extra activities but only as fun extra activities, they are not required!  Due to our stay at home order I can not make copies at the school, and it is not fair to ask parents to print everything out.  

    With that in mind for the parent review sheets every week, if it is not possible to print out and take picture, you can always let me know by calling me and I will document it or text me the results.  If you have any questions please call me with questions or concerns.  I want to make this as easy for you as possible, I do not want to add anymore stress to your lives.  If you have an idea I am happy to hear it and work with you.  We are in this together.


    Office Hours: 

    Please feel free to call me on my district cell if you have any questions.  I can also do facetime if it helps.  The number is 909-306-8142

    Monday - Friday 8am-3pm


    Weekly Schedule:

    Monday:  Newspaper    Read and review

    Tuesday: Lifeskills  House Cleaning

    Wednesday:  Lifeskills  Laundry

    Thursday:  Lifeskills   Grocery List from Pantry for lunch or dinner.

    Friday:   Lifeskills   Cooking and/or preparing meal


    Friday:  Complete review of skills for newspaper and lifeskills via text picture or phone call, etc...






    The Goal of the program is to provide a functional curriculum to help students with learning disabiltiies transition successfully from a high school transition program to work and/or independant living enviroments if possible.  The program curriculum consists of functional academic review, vocational development and independant living skills for moderate/severe students who are not on a diploma track.


    Location:                                                                                                   Staff:

    Ayala High School                                                                                    Ryan Davis: SAI Adult Transition Teacher

    14255 Peyton Dr.                                                                                     Wendy Horne:  Paraprofessional

    Chino Hills, Ca. 91709                                                                           Mark Sanchez: Paraprofessional

    909-627-3584  EXT: 2322

    District Cell: 909-306-8142