• Main Curiculum Used:

    Project Discovery

    Able Net

    News 2 You


    Functional Communication: Picture menus, bus schedules.  Social Activities to build communication skills, Problem Solving Skills, Practice appropriate social skills.

    Functional Math:  Money and Shopping skills (e.g. counting money, making change, price comparison, calculating tax and tip); Personal and/or Household Budgeting

    Functional Vocation: Independent work skills; Following instructions; Punctuality and attendance; Interpersonal skills; Work attitude; Career exploration; Personal Hygiene

    Functional Self-Help: Community: Access public transportation as independently as possible; Use of maps to arrive at points of destinations; General Shopping; Restaurants; Attending community events; Using community services, Accessing community agencies;

    Domestic: Eating and food preparation, relationships with others, time management and scheduling, household/outdoor maintenance, person hygiene (dressing, grooming), nutrition, simple first aid and health.

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