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    Welcome to Mr. Edwards' Classroom. Academic Year 2023-2024

    General Information 

    • Classroom Location: D220 (Library building) 
    • Direct link to ClassLink: Click HERE
    • Learn how to access ClassLink and other school related accounts: Click HERE 
    • Daily Agendas and all class assignments will be posted on Google Classroom/Classwork.
    • All students must have access to a free personal Gmail account for educational use purpose. 
    • All students must have access to their school office 365 email account for teacher-student and parent communication purpose.


    CTE-Computer Technology Classes 

    Before enrolling in ICT computer classes, please click on the links below and watch the course overview videos to inform yourself about the content of these classes. 

    1. Information Communication Technology 1 (ICT I), year class Meets the UC/CSU “g” general elective requirement. Click HERE for more Information.
    2. Information Communication Technology 2 (ICT II), year class. Meets the UC/CSU “g” general elective requirement. Click HERE for more Information.
    3. Intro to Design, year class. Meets the UC/CSU “F” Visual Performing Arts requirement.Click HERE for more information.
    4. Computer Applications, year class. Meets the UC/CSU “g” general elective requirement. Click HERE for more information. 

    All ICT and Computer Applications courses are taught through an all-in-one online learning program, CompTIA+TestOut. These courses will teach everything you will need to learn about the basics, Intermedia, and advanced levels of computer hardware-system software, and Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

    Multiple learning activities, including the virtual hands-on labs, are designed to develop proficiency in computer hardware troubleshooting and in Microsoft Office skills.


    Please scan the QR code below to learn more about the TestOut LabSim program.


    Student Expectations


    • Students are expected to read the daily agendas posted on Google Classroom during class and when being absent. 
    • Attendance will be taken during class at the begining of class time.
    • Students are expected to complete and submit assignments on Google Classroom in order to receive credit for work completed. Your grade is based on classwork/homework completed and assessments. 
    • Students should contact teacher via email during absent days. 
    • Contact E-mail: alex_edwards@chino.k12.ca.us


     Class Schedule:   


     Click HERE to view and download in pdf format. 

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    Online Resources:


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