Welcome to Mr. Tapia's Distance Learning Classroom. From now until the end of the school year, check back here for weekly lessons.

    The following links contain the syllabi for each level:

    For Spanish I click here.

    For Spanish III click here.

    For Spanish IV A.P. click here.

    Revised May 27th 2020 "week nine"  LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!!

    Spanish I students must turn in work via my email to tito_tapia@chino.k12.ca.us. You may send a PDF file or you may send a picture of your handwritten work. Please label all assignments and activities as we do in class.

    Spanish III will submit their assignments online from their Vhlcentral.com account.

    Spanish IV A.P. will log into myap.collegeboard.org to complete practice activities for the exam this Friday May 22nd!


    Office Hours: I will check my email tito_tapia@chino.k12.ca.us on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 11:00am. 

     ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS!!!!! Today 5/18/2020, I will go through my cabinets looking for student textbooks left behind. I will turn them into the library for you. Seniors, I believe this is an urgent matter for you to have all your materials turned in. If you left something other than books let me know via email!

    Assignments for all levels. Week 9, 


    Spanish I periods 1 & 4: 

    No further homework will be assigned. All late work will be accepted. This weekend, May 31st will be the last day you may submit any pending assignments.

    Spanish III periods 3 & 6: 

    Now that the assignments are on Aeries, you must email me that you have completed it. I will record your assignment once I receive your email. Do this for any late assignments as well!

    No further homework will be assigned. This weekend, May 31st will be the last day you may submit any pending assignments. All late work accepted. Use this link  vhlcentral.com to begin your assignment. Don' forget to email me once you complete your assignment.


    Spanish IV A.P. periods 2 & 5 

    Hola Chicos! 

    Aqui concluye el segundo semestre de Espanol IV A.P.. Espero que hayan apredido mucho y que hayan salido exitosos en su examen. Pasen Uds. un verano fenamonal y que les vaya bonito.

    Fue un encanto para Uds. tenerme como su maestro!!!!!