Welcome to Mr. Tapia's Distance Learning Classroom. From now until April 3rd, check back here for daily lessons.

    The following links contain the syllabi for each level:

    For Spanish I click here.

    For Spanish III click here.

    For Spanish IV A.P. click here.

    Spanish I students must turn in work once school is back in session.

    Spanish III and IV A.P. will submit their assignments online from their Vhlcentral.com account.


    Office Hours: I will check my email tito_tapia@chino.k12.ca.us on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 10:00am. 


    March 30th assignments for all levels:


    Spanish I periods 1 & 4: All activities will be assigned from your textbook. 

    Objective: Students will learn the conjugations and uses of the verbs "IR A" and "JUGAR". They will use "ir a" to share activities they will do at a later time. They will use "jugar" to share activities they and others play.

    Both assignments due April 3rd!

    assignment: #1

    • Read the lesson on "IR + a + infinitive" on page 206.
    • Complete Page 206 activities 14,16 and 17
    • For activity 16 copy the questions you answer
    • For activity 17  follow the "Modelo". Play the role of student "A" and invite three people to do an activity.

    assignment: #2

    • Read the uses of the verb "JUGAR" on page 208.
    • Complete page 208 activities 18,20 and on page 211 activities 21,22
    • for activities 20,21,22 copy the questions you answer.


    Spanish III periods 3 & 6:

    Objective: Students will learn and apply vocabulary that expresses negative, affirmative and indefinite expressions.

    assignment:The assignment is posted on your www.vhlcentral.com account. It is due on April 3rd.


    Spanish IV A.P. periods 2 & 5

    Objective: Students will read a personal story of an immigrant child and his struggles to assimilate into the American culture.

    assignment: The assignment is posted on your www.vhlcentral.com account. It is due an April 3rd.


    March 31st

    Check back on that date for further assignments if necessary.