• Welcome to Mr.Castro’s Blended Learning Classroom 

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    FIRST DAY: There will be two groups (Cohort A and Cohort B). 

    Blended learning schedule starts on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021...Cohort A will be "in-person"/ Cohort B will be "Asynchronous"

    CONTACT INFO:   These are the different ways that I can be reached.  I will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

    1. email:  marco_castro@chino.k12.ca.us
    2. Google classroom (private message)***
    3. REMIND App:
      • Text @6344b to join IM3
      • Text @7ka89ef to join (Honors) IM3
      • Text @ce6e9k to join AP CSP

    ***Parents/ Guardians: If you would like to be invited to your student's Google Classroom please email me with your preferred email, student's name, and class period.


    OFFICE HOURS: There will no longer be virtual office hours.  We can now meet on campus before/ after school, during lunch, or a during a scheduled time.   

    ATTENDANCE:   Although our class does not meet everyday, attendance will be taken daily.  
    1. If the class session meets in person that day, attendance will be taken "in-person"
    2. If the class does not meet (asynchronous day), attendance will be taken by the student logging into Google classroom and completing an "attendance task" based on the assignment for that day.  The question is meant to get a response from the student so that the teacher can verify the student participated on that day.  If you do not answer the question that day you will be marked absent.

    Things that are the same/ different

    Things that are the same

    Things that are different

    • Grading policies and syllabus course information
    • Homework assignments will be assigned in google classroom
    • Homework MUST be submitted through google classroom
    • Late/ missing assignments can still be turned in for credit.
    • No cell phone use during class time
    • There will not be virtual google meets.
    • There will not be virtual office hours.
      • We can now meet on campus before/ after school, during lunch, or a scheduled time
    • Asynchronous time does not mean free time.
      • Work will be assigned
      • Attendance will be taken
    • Make-up assessments (Quiz) will be done after school or during lunch.

    Cohort Information

    “In-person” group will receive instruction on campus following their cohort group schedule. 

    “Asynchronous” group will be working at home, but will NOT have to join a google meet virtually.  Instead, they will have to check into their google classroom and complete the following:

    • Attendance task (question): This will be need to be done in order to be counted as “present” for the day.  Failure to do this task will result in an absence for the day.
    • Homework assignment from the previous “in-person” lesson 
    • Additional asynchronous work (if any)
    • Make requests for homework questions that I can do as a video  [We will no longer review homework questions in class]  All homework questions MUST be asked during Asynchronous day by 2pm

    ***** Schedule starts 03/23/2021 ***** 

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