What is Linked Learning?

  • Linked Learning Academies integrate rigorous academics with career-based learning and real world workplace experiences to engage students and make learning relevant to their interests. At Chino High School, academy teachers ignite students' passions through meaningful learning experiences and projects through career-oriented pathways in the fields of Law, Justice, Public Service (LJPS) and Culinary and Hospitality Occupations Management Professions (CHOMP). These academies turn high school education into a personally relevant and highly engaging experience.  

    Each Linked Learning Academy is focused on four guiding principles:

    1. Rigorous academics that prepare students for post-secondary education.

    2. Technical training through a sequence of classes focused on their career interest.

    3. Work based learning sequences that expose them to the career options in that field.

    4. Comprehensive support services that address the needs of individual students.