• Welcome to Mr. Raya's Classroom for the 2022-2023 School Year.

    The best way to contact me is at joe_raya@chino.k12.ca.us .  I will make every effort to respond to any email within 24 hours.
    Students, first LOG IN TO CLASSLINK, this should be the student's first task every day!  Link to Classlink
    Regular classroom assignments will be posted on Google Classroom on a daily basis.  Any student who is absent on the day of class can find a video recording of those notes on the Google Classroom "Classwork Page."
    *Students, for clarification on how to access your school email accounts, please follow the link: Accessing Student e-mail
    ***Parents and Guardians, if you are interested in being invited to your student's Google Classroom so that you can receive all posting for the class, just send me an email with the email address you'd like me to send the invite to, along with your student's name and period.***  joe_raya@chino.k12.ca.us


    Homework will be assigned every day of the week with the exception of major assessment days.  We have a district pacing guide and standards that must be met throughout the school year. Homework assignments will fall into one of the following categories:
    • Book assignments (problems assigned out of the IM 3 textbook).
    • Mixed assignment (assignments that will require both a technical component and an acutal).
    • Online practice through DeltaMath (a website we will be using in this class).
    • Digital Worksheets through KutaWorks (a website we will be using in this class). 
    We are going to use the website Kuta-Works to help with assignments and quizzes.  

     I have created 5 classes for the site.  You will first need to go here: 



    There, you will be prompted to sign up for a class.  Each class will have an individual code associated with it.  You need to code to sign up for the class.  Once you have chosen a password (make sure you read the requirements for the password), I will need to accept you in the class.  Here are the codes each class will need.  Please note, this site will not work with your school email addresses as mail for outside entities is blocked.  Please use your personal email address to sign up for this site. 


    Class name                                         code

    IM 3 Period 1:        

    IM 3 Period 2:         

    IM 3 Period 3:     

    IM 3 Period 4:    

    IM 3 Period 6: