• Syllabus - Summer 2022

    Integrated Math 1

    Instructor: Mrs. Sarah Solis-Miller (You may call me Ms. Solis.)       

    Email: sarah_solismiller@chino.k12.ca.us; Please allow up to 24 hours to respond to emails during weekdays and 48 hours during weekends.   


    Session Dates: 

    Session 1 - 6/6/22 - 6/21/22

    Session 2 - 6/23/22 - 7/11/22 (off 7/4/22)


    Attendance Expectations:

    If you are absent 7 hours, you will be dropped. 


    Grade Components: 

    Grading Scale:

    30% Formative Assignments 

           (Classwork, Homework) 


    70% Summative Assessments       

            (Quizez and Tests)


    A 90% or above 

    B 80 to 89.99%

    C 70 to 79.99%

    D 60 to 69.99%

    F 59.99% or lower



    Course Description:

    Throughout the summer session students will explore concepts in Algebra, Statistics and Geometry.  The second semester will focus on exponential functions, statistics and geometry.  Problems will be based on real-world scenarios that highlight the practical use of mathematical thinking in real life.  Students will learn to reason abstractly and quantitatively.  In addition, students will acquire the ability to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.  Last, students will learn to model with mathematics and use appropriate tools strategically. 

    Recommended Materials:

    • McGraw Hill Math Book for Integrated 1
    • Remote Learning Device (i.e. computer, ipad or laptop)
    • Kami Account Set Up via the district
    • Access to Classlink
    • Office 365 via the district (Outlook, accessible via classlink)
    • Graphing Calculator (Online Desmos, accessible via Classlink)


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