Course Syllabus

  • Course Description

    English 11 CP at Chino High School is a college preparatory course designed to prepare students for success in college. The course also looks at various types of literature--fiction and nonfiction--as well as methods of research.


    Course Structure and Policies


    A primary focus will be American Literature, including short stories, plays, poems, and potentially novels; morality and ethics;research and writing; critical examination of our place in the world and our impact on world and the world's impact on us.



    • Respect others; respect yourself.
    • Do not speak when the teacher is speaking.
    • Be in class on time (District Tardy policy is strictly enforced).
    • Bring all necessary materials to class as you will not be allowed to go get them.
    • Assignments are to be completed on time.
    • No food or drinks are allowed in class during class time (water is acceptable).
    • Electronic devices are to be off unless specifically allowed, and earbuds are to be out of sight.


    Submitting Work

    All work will be submitted to Google Classroom and in person. Students are responsible for meeting due dates. Some English 11 assignments may be submitted to  



    Grading will follow school district requirements and all grades will be posted in Google Classroom and Aeries. 


    A-90 — 100% 

    B-80 — 89.9% 

    C-70 — 79.9 

    D-60 — 69.9% 

    F-59% or Below 

    Grading Categories 

    • Essays and Papers30% 
    • Tests and Quizzes30% 
    • Homework—10%  
    • Classwork—20% 

    Response time: I will do my best to answer student and parent emails within 24 hours and to evaluate activities and assignments within 7 days.