• picAP US History with Ms. Parrell
    Periods: 2 & 3
    Room 42

    Remind code: @apushjp

    Email: jessica_parrell@chino.k12.ca.us


    Google Classroom: All students will be added during the 1st week of instructions. Parents can add themselves as a guardian to oversee their students work

    Office Hours: I do not have a free period this year but I am dedicated to open communication with students and parents/guardians throughout the year.  If you need to speak with me, please send me an email to schedule an appointment via google meets as needed.

    This year all assignments will be posted on google classroom for students to access at any time.  Assignments will be collected in person and via google classroom as directed.

    APUSH Summer assignment for 2021-2022 
    Please see the assignment posted on the CHS AP webpage located Here
    please note that this is for all APUSH Classes

    School Schedule

    Monday 8/9/21 - Day without a backpack (Minimum Day)
    Period 0: 6:12-7:14
    Period 1: 7:20-8:07
    Period 2: 8:13-9:00
    Period 3: 9:06-9:53
    Period 4: 9:59-10:46
    Period 5: 10:52-11:39
    Period 6: 11:45-12:32

    Regular Bell Schedule
    Period 0: 6:12-7:14
    Period 1: 7:20-8:22
    Period 2: 8:28-9:35
    Period 3: 9:41-10:43
    Period 4: 10:49-11:51
    Lunch:   11:51-12:21
    Period 5: 12:27-1:29
    Period 6: 1:35-2:37