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    AVID Community Service Requirements

    As an AVID student, you are required to have 10 hours of community service each semester. A minimum of 80 total

    hours are required for students to receive an AVID stole. You may spread out these hours among different

    organizations/opportunities, but for each different type of volunteering, you will need to complete a separate Community

    Service Reflection form. This is so that you will have a written record of each unique experience (eventually, you will use

    these to develop your resume and on college/scholarship applications).

    AVID Community Service Log

    Students will be given a community service log to keep track of hours served or worked.

    The service log includes:

    Date of Event

    Start Time/End Time

    Total Hours

    Location/Tasks Performed

    Supervisor’s position and signature

    AVID Community Service Reflection Form

    For each different type of volunteering, you will need to complete a separate community service reflection form.

    The reflection form includes:

    • Dates of service

    • Total hours spent

    • How did this experience help you grow?

    • What did you learn about yourself?

    • What did you like/dislike?

    • Special memories?

    • New skills or challenges?

    How to Acquire Community Service

    Service activities can be completed at school or in the community. Students are not permitted to work for their family in

    any capacity to fulfill these service hours. We are encouraging students to seek out new experiences and find activities

    that they are passionate about or in fields they are interested in. (ex. If a student wants to be a nurse, they could look for

    volunteer opportunities at a hospital.)

    AVID Community Service examples:

    • God’s Pantry

    • Serving at church

    • Clean-up/Set up of Events (bingo, parties, banquets, etc.)

    • Tutorial Tutoring (Seniors with Freshmen tutorials) or After-school Tutoring; min GPA

    requirement and math requirement


    AVID Community Service Log Form 

    AVID Community Service Log Reflection Form