• Norms and Etiquette


    Let’s commit to learning and doing our best to achieve a fantastic learning experience!  Make sure you understand that Attendance, Participation and Learning is an expectation from each of you.



    *Daily attendance will be counted.

    *Log in will be required for the duration of the period; 1 hour 20 minutes. 

       Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated.

    *Those who are not logged in on day of class will be marked absent.

    *Video ON will be required for 30-40 minutes of our 80 minute session. 

    *Video will need to be ON during break-out sessions as well.

    *If you are 10 minutes late to class – you will be marked absent.

    *If you are less than 10 minutes late – you will be marked tardy.

    *Chronic tardy or absences will be referred to administration.

    *Unmute only during interactive discussions or as instructed by teacher.

    *Phones can not be in hand or within reach during the 30-40 minute session.



    *All students are expected to participate through active verbal engagement

      during class and break-out sessions.

    *Each student is expected to contribute to group projects and assignments.

    *Each student is an advocate for themselves.   

        Teacher’s office hours or message via email or Remind should be utilized if

        Student needs additional assistance or resolution of an issue.



     *It is every student’s responsibility to pursue knowledge and learning.

    *It is the teacher’s responsibility to guide the learning for the students.

    *When both student and teacher meet their responsibilities a great environment

       is created where everyone thrives! 

    *Learning and fun is not mutually exclusive, both can happen simultaneously!